Write an E-book for Promotion and Profits

There are a good number of authors out there who earn a full time living by writing and selling E-books. They are the minority; most people do not make much from their efforts. Usually these people don’t put in the necessary effort in either the writing or promoting process. When written properly, an E-book can act as a gateway to your website or online program. This can bring repeat traffic and promote your business while you earn money from the sales. Using E-books as a promotion strategy can be very effective.

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Writing a Free E-Book

You don’t have to charge for an E-book to bring traffic to your site. Actually free E-books can bring more traffic than the ones people have to pay for. When someone gets an E-book for free they won’t expect the whole story to be laid out for them. It was free after all. You can provide them with links to your website, or affiliate programs, within the E-book. Entice your readers by providing a bit of whatever you are selling in the book and then provide them with a link to your site.

Write an E-book to Sell

If you write an E-book with the intent of charging for it you better have something good to say. You can make a lot of money if your information is worth buying. It is good practice to take the time and really research and layout your E-book before you write it. So how can you get your E-book found and get purchased.

  • Affiliates – Don’t take the responsibility of selling an E-book on all by your lonesome. There are many communities out there that will help sell your book for you. You will have to pay a good commission to entice people to sell your product, but in the end it is 100% profits. It is recommended to offer at least 50% of the selling price to your affiliates.
  • Tandem – A great way to sell your book is to write both a free and a paid E-book. Your free one will be used to entice people to buy the paid one, and the paid one will give them much more advice than they could have learned with the free book. It is important to actually provide good information in your paid E-book or you will face a barrage of complaints.
  • PPC Advertising – If you are feeling saucy, you could look into promoting your product with pay per click advertising. Depending on your topic, this could be really expensive. If you are trying to sell an E-book on mortgages, forget about it. You might have to spend over $5 per click. There is no way you could recoup that cost.
  • Article Marketing – This approach isn’t just for websites anymore. You can write articles based on the topic of your book and provide links to the book for more information. It is important to write a lot of articles to get your product out there.
  • Forum Signatures – Sell your product through forum signatures. This won’t bring in a lot of sales, but every little bit helps.

If you are persistent and can convince a lot of people to promote your book for you, you can make tons of money while promoting your website. An E-book can be a great investment in time if you are a decent writer with good information to sell. If you are not willing to put forth effort in your endeavors, you will never make any money. There are many different ways to make money on the web, and they all require a commitment of time and energy.

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