Why You Shouldn’t Accept Guest Posts on Your Blog ?

Guest blogging has now a days become a popular term among the webmasters as well as the search engine optimization professionals. As a blogger, you may already be know about guest posting, and may already be making use of it in different ways. You can either use it for building backlinks and getting free traffic to your websites or blogs, or accept guest posts from other authors on your blog. In one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that accepting guest posts on your blog is definitely one of the greatest methods to keep your blog updated when you are busy with some other works and manage it properly during your exams, in case if you are a student.

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But, accepting guests posts on your blog is not always a good idea, it has some dark disadvantages too. Personally, I used to accept guest posts on one of my tech blogs and found that doing so can put you in different critical outcomes, which are mentioned below :

(1) You will lose Link Juice : Whenever you publish a guest post written by any other author and give away dofollow backlinks to the website of the guest author, then it’s obvious that you will lose a little proportion of your link juice and you may later even face Google PageRank downgrade.

(2) Search Engine Rankings will go down : Yes, you heard it right. Over publishing of guest posts with tons of dofollow backlinks embedded in them will certainly get your search engine rankings downgraded. And if the guest author is targeting a particular keyword, then it can sometimes be really dangerous. So, just avoid the acceptance of too many guest posts on your in order to keep your rankings balanced and stay safe from getting downgraded in the search engines.

(3) Wait, Google Panda & Penguin are there to kill you : As you know Google has now become very strict with their search engine algorithms which decides about the rankings of all the websites on the web. Once you are hit by any of those algorithms, recovering from that is really hard. In the eyes of Google Panda and Penguin, giving away dofollow backlinks over and over again looks to be selling paid links on your blog, even though if they are credits to the guest authors. And it becomes even more dangerous, when the outgoing links are not relevant to your website’s niche. It’s another thrilling disadvantage of accepting guest posts on your blog.

(4) You will lose your readers : If your blog is having a significant amount of daily readers and targeted subscribers, then it’s obvious that they are interested in your posts and lands on your blog every day only to read posts written by you. But if you will start publishing tons of guest posts, then your daily readers might not visit your blog as they were interested in your articles only. Accepting guest posts will surely restrict your own publishing pace, and your writings on the blog will be lessen down. Therefore, there are some strong possibilities of losing readers if you will start publishing guest posts on your blog.

(5) It’s hard to get rid of spammers : Spamming is a common problem on the internet, it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about e-mailing or blogging, spammers are everywhere. Nowadays, most of the guest bloggers are just after backlinks, all they want from their guest posts are dofollow backlinks and traffic. I’m not talking about all guest authors, but from my personal experience, I can say that most of them will submit copied articles or content, and may even put inside external links to dangerous websites. So, checking whether the guest posts are fresh or not, and the external links provided by the guest posters are genuine or not, will consume a lot of time and many bloggers publishes them without even checking. So, publishing copied content and giving away links to illegal & dangerous websites, can put you in real danger and you may even get penalized from the search engines.

That’s all folks, I’ve now listed above the top five disadvantages of accepting guest posts on your blog. Do you have in your mind any other demerit of accepting guests posts on blogs ? If yes, then just don’t hassle to share it with our readers.

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