What Reflects the Standard of Your Blog ?

Just having a blog of your own is not enough, you must standardize it and maintain it properly so that it can be read by every kind of people as well as stay reputed in the world of blogging. If you are a newbie and have just started a new blog on a particular topic, but don’t have any idea on how to go ahead and make it a strong blog, then you must know about a few aspects which I personally think, reflects your blog’s standard and you can accordingly improve your blog by taking caring of the few things. Okay, here I’m sharing the top aspects that reveals out the standard of your blog :

standard of your blog

(1) The Content of Your Blog :  Most of the people including me, says that content is the king which can take your blog to the next level and shall make it successful within a short period of time. Whenever I visit a blog and read throughout its content, I can simply know about the standard and the quality of blog as words says a lot. Top notch content with proper grammar and appropriate use of words in the articles makes your post look attractive and this kind of content can turn your blog into a standard one.

(2) The Design of Your Blog : What’s the first thing that an user sees while landing on your blog ? Obviously the outer look or the design of your blog, isn’t it ? Yes, design is one of the most important aspects which tells the users about the standard of your blog and attracts them towards of your. So, just make sure to have a proper theme or template for your site  along with a proper structure of widgets and other objects all around of your blog. This will certainly make your blog’s look much more attractive and will standardize your blog among the users.

(3) Alexa Rank & PageRank : These are two of the main things which are often looked upon by the users to determine the quality of a blog or website. Alexa Rank is primarily based on the traffic your blog followed by a few other factors such as having Alexa toolbar installed, targeted visitors, well wrapped content etc. and on the other hand, Page Rank or PR is based on the incoming links to your website. So, just try to improve your blog’s traffic to get an improved Alexa rank and try to gain more and more quality backlinks to your website to grab a better PageRank.

(4) Community & Engagement : Having a strong base of community and engagement on your blog from tons of targeted readers can also define up the standard of your blog. So, the more readers you will have, the more standardized will be your blog. Therefore, just try to gain some significant amount of readers and improve the quality of your blog today.

(5) Your Social Media Base : Who doesn’t use social media these days ? Starting for well established business to small marketers, everybody uses social media networks to promote up their products and services. So, you can also try promoting your blog on the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc. and gain more referral traffic as well as a base of more followers for your blog. And I think your social media engagement and base of total fans or followers of your blog may also show up the standard of your blog for some people.

I’m done now, I’ve above shared a few things which may reflect the standard or the quality of your blog to the readers. So, just try to improve these aspects as much as you can and take your blog to the next level. Share your views buddies :) .

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