What are landing pages ? And why you need one

We are truly living in an amazing time. It is now possible to earn a living from home, on your own terms. The internet and the explosion of technology have opened up a whole new world. These days there are numerous options and opportunities for bringing a business to the masses, and you do it right from your computer. The playing field has been leveled, and sole proprietors have just as much of a chance for success as their big business competitors.

However, there are some things to consider that can help maximize the chances that your business will succeed. One is to make sure to have a solid web presence. This can include a website, WordPress site, blog and connected social media accounts. Another element of success is dynamic and effective landing pages to help sell the product or service you are offering. Landing page WordPress creativity can really amplify your odds for success on the web.

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Ouch, this landing is going to hurt.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that a user sees after clicking on a call to action. The call to action may reside on the user’s website, WordPress home page or a social media page. The call to action often involves a message to “click here for more information” or other compelling offer.

Why Do I Need Landing Pages?

There are a variety of reasons one might need a landing page or several landing pages. Three popular uses for a landing page are:

  • Get a user to sign up for an account, newsletter, product demo, webinar, etc.
  • Sell a specific product or service for a specific situation — for instance a special promotion or sale
  • Allow users to download and install software

A landing page is a compelling gateway for viewers to become more engaged with your business, either by becoming customers or getting onto your client list. Landing page WordPress creation can ultimately lead to more customers and more sales.

Tips for Creating Effective Landing Pages

Here are some guidelines for creating landing pages that work:

Use clean, minimalist design. Avoid a cluttered look by keeping your landing page design clean and organized. Make use of white space and carefully chosen graphic elements to make your landing page pleasing to read all the way through.

Craft an attention-grabbing headline. The headline is the first thing your viewers will see. Make sure it relates to the link they just clicked to get there, and that it is inviting, relevant and engaging.

Write a powerful, encapsulating first two sentences. In the short attention span realm of the internet, you have to make sure you offer value to your viewers. If you don’t grab their attention in the first 2 or 3 sentences, they’re going to stop reading and go elsewhere.

Be clear, accurate and relevant. Be sure all of your information is clearly presented, well-written, typo-free and up to date.

Inspire trust. Add elements to your page that let people know you are a trustworthy business, for example a “Like” button with lots ofLikes,” or a Better Business Bureau logo if you are a member. Offering a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee also reduces perceived risk and inspires trust.

Convey urgency and a motivating call to action. Having a deadline on your offer or a “limited supply” of whatever you are selling can help to convey urgency and motivate your viewers to take action. Place at least three buttons for taking action that the reader can click on throughout the page.

Make sure the page flows. When finished with the design, make sure the page flows visually and leads the eye naturally to your “Buy” or “Submit” buttons.

Add appropriate special features. Page elements like popups can help to increase conversions by drawing the attention to a call to action. Always be sure to use special features sparingly and tastefully.

A/B Testing. Be sure to test your page and experiment with different layouts as needed to find the most effective configurations for getting the most conversions.

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