Ways to Save Money on Postage

The United States Postal Service delivers 40 percent of the world’s mail. They receive no taxpayer dollars for funding. Because of financial losses, the USPS is taking measures to save money such as increasing the price of stamps. However, frugal shoppers can still find ways to save on postage.

Buy forever stamps

“Forever stamps” were introduced in 2007. When a customer purchases a forever stamp, they can continue using them indefinitely. This is very helpful in saving on postage, as it keeps customers from having to add penny postage stamps to first-class mail whenever the postage rates go up. Forever stamps may be used for postage within the United States and also for postage to international locations, although additional postage would be required for international mailings. Stock up on forever stamps to keep from ever have to pay more for postage when the rates go up!

Compare rates of different mail services

For the best rates for shipping, customer should compare rates from the postal service, FedEx, and UPS to find out which one has the cheapest rates. FedEx often offers the best rates for heavy box dropped off at a FedEx location; while the postal service offers better rates for their flat rate services. A single flat rate box with the postal service can weigh up to 70 pounds. UPS and FedEx are often considered more reliable carriers, while the USPS generally offers the best shipping rates.

Mail early

Putting off mailing packages until the last minute can result in having to pay higher shipping costs. If there is plenty of time to mail the package, try mailing a parcel third-class. It is much slower, but the rates are much cheaper. Another option is media mail. It is cheaper for mailing movies or books if there is no hurry for the package to arrive.

Buy flat-rate packaging

Before customers mail something heavy, they should check into a flat-rate box or envelope. Shipping by the pound is expensive. Often, there is a much better deal to be had for mailing heavy items by shipping in a flat-rate package.

Use your own packaging

Ways to Save Money on Postage

Flat-rate package rates are great for heavy items. However, sometimes people pay a higher rate by using these flat-rate packages than if they had just used a smaller box. Old boxes and envelopes can be used for shipping as long as the old mailing or shipping labels have been removed. Make sure the new shipping information can easily be read. Minimizing packing materials also saves money. Use only enough packing materials to ensure the contents are packaged well enough to prevent damage during shipping.

Weigh your mail before shipping

If customers do not have any idea how much their package weighs, they may be shocked at the cost when the shipping item is weighed at the post office. For people who ship on a regular basis, it may pay to purchase a postal scale. Postal scales may be purchased from transit or postal companies, or from a business supply store. The weight rates are available online. This way, there will be no surprise when paying the shipping fees. Weigh letters too. Many people waste money by putting an extra stamp on an envelope when it is not necessary. A scale will take the guess work out of the cost of mailing.

Pay bills online

For people who have any i connection, they can save money by paying bills online. There is no need to mail a bill when paying online is faster and saves postage. Many companies will allow you to pay your bill online without a transaction fee. This also saves time, hassles and possible late fees (if payment is automatic).

Send post cards

For people who feel to need to correspond with friends and family through the regular mail, they should try mailing post cards. They are cheaper than a letter and fun to receive. It also cuts down on waste by not having an envelope to throw away.

Buy stamps online

One great way to save on postage is to purchase it online at the United States Postal Service . Online postage can be purchased for a cheaper rate than it will cost at the post office. Customers may register with USPS. By opening an account, they can pay and print out their own postage at home. Express and Priority Mail services are also available online, as well as Express Mail International services. Postage purchased online is 15 percent cheaper than regular postage rates. This also saves on gas by not having to make an extra trip to the post office.

While consumers may think that they are not spending that much extra money on postage, they would be surprised if they added up all the money they spend on shipping packages and mailing letters during a year’s time. Using the money saving tips on postage is one way to reduce expenses and save money on the family budget.

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