Ways to Make Money Quick for College Students

As college students, you are always looking for ways to make money quick. You’re poor. And it sucks. We’ve all been there at one point. There’s 12 dollars left in your bank account and you really need a couple extra bucks for groceries. There are lots of ways to make money quick! (And they are all 100% legal!)

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how students can make money

Start a small business

It can be as simple as walking dogs or selling your homemade cookies. You can also get a bit more complicated with it. I just had some friends buy a product at a really cheap price and they are now selling it for more money. It is a simple thing to do and it is an easy way to make money. You don’t really have to do much except buy the product and then be a great salesperson. Make sure you buy products that are legally allowed to be resold.

Tutor someone

If you are really good at a certain subject or if you have already taken a class that someone needs help with, I would suggest tutoring them. See if anyone is willing to pay you for your intellectualness.

Sell old stuff online

Go through your old stuff and see what you don’t need or what you want to get rid of. Then go sell it on Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay. You will be surprised at what people will buy from this website. You can sell anything from an old TV set, to your old wardrobe that you don’t want anymore.

If you aren’t scared of big needles, this is perfect for you! You get paid for donating plasma! It is different than donating blood. Plasma is the white stuff in your blood so in order to take it, the blood is filtered through a machine and then put back in your body. The process may sound a little bit scary but I have had tons of friends do this and they have lived to tell the tale.

Sell old textbooks

Ok so maybe it isn’t the time to sell your books back to the book store yet. I bet you still have some old textbooks that you couldn’t sell back last semester. Try selling them back again, either to the bookstore or to another book store in your town. If those don’t work, check to see if there are online options. I guarantee with enough persistence, you will find someone that will buy your book from you.

Look for jobs on craigslist

I had a friend once who was in dire need of cash. She went on Craigslist to see if anyone was hiring people for odd jobs. She found someone who needed their hair done for their wedding. My friend though to herself, Sure, I can do hair. She got the job and ended up doing the entire wedding party’s hair 45 minutes before the wedding. A bit stressful but she had fun with it. There are tons of jobs offered on Craigslist and I guarantee you are qualified for something.

Besides all these suggestions, I encourage getting a part time job. You can find jobs that only give 10 hours a week. Others will give you a lot more hours if you want them. Working in college is doable and it’s great to have that extra cash in the bank account.

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