Way to improve number of links to your website and blog

Links are the one of the most important ways to bring traffic as it enhance the search engine ranking and bring the organic traffic to the site. Following are the list of ways to improve links.

14 link building strategies

1. Link exchange: Exchange the links of your site other site owners. You can send them request personally. Your link will be placed in their site in exchange of their link on your site. You can search the web for keywords of your niche and get list of sites specialized in your niche. Then you can request for link exchange. However many webmaster (specially from high ranked sites) avoid to exchange links from related site as they take it as competition. Targeting sites having complementary content is better than targeting competitive contents. You should communicate properly to convince those giving details of your website. Alternatively you can add their link first before asking them to do so. Based place to put the links are sidebar. Here your partner will be convinced that their links are getting wider publicity. The links placed at unrelated sites are not good for AdSense ads as traffic coming by this way reduce the cost of each click (CPC).

2. Blog and forums: Blogs and forums allow commenting from visitors and subscribers. They also allow leaving your links and signature line. Find the appropriate blog and forums (on your niche) and read their contents before commenting. You should avoid junk comment and using it only as a way to improve your links. If you do so there are chanced that you will be banned from those blogs and forums. Quality comment is the price you for getting your link there. If you have good comment people will be convinced to visit your site.

3. RSS: It is one of the easy ways which allow readers to keep coming back. RSS feed contains list of recent articles (with or without content). It is very easy to add RSS to web browers (like Mozilla) and other feed readers (like NewzCrawler etc)

4. Pings: Pings are the way to inform search engines that you have posted something new. Sites like https://rpc.pingomatic.com offer pinging facility. You should regularly ping your site. Blogging software like WordPress allows automatic pinging.

5. Sharing option for articles/ viral marketing: You should always have option to share the link via various ways like email, social networks etc. Whenever a person liked content of the article, they can send it to their friend. Sharing option gives a link and places it in email or social profiles. These links can easily be used to visit your content. This type of marketing is viral in nature. It can be used to target millions of people in short span of time.

6. Allow commenting: People love to see their writing. If you allow them to comment on the articles, they will visit again and again to see the comments. They will also send articles to their friends to show them those comments. Also, they will be subscribed to see response to the comments, which facility can easily be provided by most blogging platforms.

7. Guest blogging: You can request sites in your niche for guest blogging. Just write few quality articles and publish their. In exchange of your article they will allow adding links to your site in the content.

8. Article directories and banks: There are number of article directories which offer publication of the articles. You can submit articles there with links in contents. You can also add a byline. There is no rule that article should be original and unique. If you are the writer of the article and own the copyright then you can submit it to those directories. Unique content is better but not necessary. You can use any of the article published in your site for submission. It quickly increases the number of links which in turn improve your PageRank. There are number of software which can automatically submit a particular article in number of article directories. Many professional agencies also offer the article submission facility.

9. Links in newsletters: Newsletter is the way to inform your subscribers about new articles and new features in your site. You can add many other things as well. You can easily add various link in your newsletter. It help to bring reader again and again to your site. Site like https://www.constantconversions.com provide facility to write newsletters and site like https://www.aweber.com can be used to send it. You can always write title and brief about it with read more option at end while writing newsletter. Google feedburner can also be used to send notification about new posts. At present Google allow putting AdSense ads in the newsletters. Therefore it has revenue generation potential.

10. eBooks and other information guide: People like quality contents. If it is free then nothing is better than this. As you site is specialized on a particular topic, you can easily write a eBook or other information guide. You can give option to download it from your website. You don’t have to do very great things to write such stuffs. You can gather few articles from your website. Just put it together and make it in the form of eBook. But don’t forget to add relevant links in the content of this eBook. People will follow those links. Such eBooks will be circulated thoughout the web via emails and other means. Whenever new readers come in contact with these contents, it will entice them to visit your site. It will increase the traffic to your site.

11.  Links in profile page of social networks: Now a day’s social networks work like virus. It spread any link to whole world in a short span. Social networks like FaceBook, Orkut, and MySpace etc have many groups joined by people of similar interest. You can search for relevant group and place your site links there so that such targeted people can visit your site. Here you can personally communicate with people who are interested in your niche area. You can even personally convince them to visit your site. Alternatively you can start a new group in your niche. User list will grow soon and then you can start marketing your site there.

12. Link exchange at a fee: There are site which offer exchanges of links between sites at cost. If you are interested you can visit https://www.linkmetro.com,https://www.adzaar.com, https://www.adbrite.com, and https://www.linkadage.com.

13. Inter-connected sites: You can build more sites and inter-connect them with giving links at various places. It also increases the overall stay time of the visitor in your web contents. Longer stay time has better probability of higher CTC.

14. Quality contents: All of the above described method needs your involvement. But if you have quality contents in your niche then many of the related sites will automatically add your links in their sites. They put your links as they think your site content is useful for their visitors.

Now you got the knowledge of how you can improve the number of links to your site, it is also very important to know where your links are in the web. Google Webmaster Tools is a free online tool to analyze links.

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