Twitter Tips for Bloggers

I promised you some tips on getting the most out of Twitter, and here they are.

Twitter is a great tool for bloggers and can help with a wide range of blogging related issues, but if you want to get the most out of it, it’s important to use it well.

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Twitter Tips for Bloggers

So, in no particular order, here’s a selection of Top Twitter Tips for bloggers:

  • Jump right in and get involved. Twitter can be a little overwhelming if you’re new, but in order to get the most out of it, you need to participate actively. It’s very much a 2-way communication tool.
  • Don’t be an idiot! It may seem obvious, but if you act like a jerk, it’s not going to help you promote your blog. Treat people with respect and build relationships, just as you would in real life.
  • Use a dedicated Twitter client rather than the web site. It’s so much more convenient to have a small app running all day than to remember to visit the web site. Try Twhirl (cross platform) or Twitterific (Mac).
  • Don’t think of Twitter as a micro-blogging tool, think of it more as IRC in slow motion. It’s more an extension of instant messaging than a blogging tool. Treat it like a 2-way conversation and ignore Twitter’s “What are you doing…?” line.
  • Ask questions. Give advice. Participate in discussions. If what you have to say is too long for a tweet
  • Don’t follow thousands of people and expect them to follow you back. They won’t. People tend to follow those who have something interesting to say, and it’s easy to spot uninteresting people. They are the ones following 10,000 people while only having 7 people following them.
  • Try to find a balance between original tweets and replies. This is akin to engaging in discussions in the comments on your own blog. It shows interest in your followers and helps build community.
  • Analyse what those around you are Twittering about. What’s interesting to you, what gets the most response, and what’s useful to your readers. Use this when trying to come up with new ideas for what to twitter about.
  • It is possible to solely use Twitter to post automatic updates every time you post a blog entry. If you have a popular blog, this can be useful, but if you’re not using the Twitter account to participate in discussions, make it clear that this is an “updates only” account. A better solution is to use software like Twitterfeed to send new post notifications to your Twitter account, but to use the same account to actively participate in the Twitter community.
  • Other sites like Twitter Karma and Twitter Local can help you find new people to follow, but be aware that these sites often ask for your Twitter username and password. Use them at your own risk.
  • If the name you want on Twitter is taken, but isn’t currently in use, it’s worth checking with the Twitter team to see if you can get it anyway. If a name is inactive for 9 months and clearly not being used, they will sometimes free it up for you.
  • Remember, that just because Twitter can do phone updates doesn’t mean you need to use them. If you switch this service on for all tweets, you could end up getting a lot of text messages! Personally, I have the service activated for direct (private) messages only. When combined with Twitter’s ability to send updates by text, this means I can communicate directly with my Twitter contacts when I’m out, even if I don’t have their number – and I don’t get inundated

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That’s it. I hope you found some of that useful. I’d particularly like to thank @Pewari and @akaSylvia for their help compiling this list. Do feel free to add your own tips in the comments!

And of course, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter too!

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