TweetAdder Review

TweetAdder is voted the best Twitter marketing software on the market. It’s a complete marketing software for Twitter and works automatically once you have set it up. In this TweetAdder review, I’ll highlight some of the benefits of the software.

TweetAdder review

1. Tweet search

In the tweet search function, you can search for tweets based on keywords, location, recency, and language. These results are used when activating the follow function as described in the paragraph below.

2. Follow

TweetAdder can be set up to follow users that match specific criteria set up in the tweet search function. You can choose to follow users immediately or to automatically follow users over time, provided that you keep TweetAdder running. When the software is out of users to follow, it will search for new users to follow based on the criteria you have set in tweet search. You can also follow people on a specific list, someone who follows a specific user, every one a specific user follows and more.

3. Follow back

With the same two options as with follow, you can choose to follow users that follow you. On Twitter, it’s important that you either provide good enough value to have people follow you or to follow back those following you. If you’re just getting started building a Twitter presence, following back is more or less essential.

4. UnFollow Users

Personally, I don’t want to follow people who are not following me, unless they provide enough value to make it worth it. With TweetAdder, you can add users you don’t want to unfollow to your whitelist, and it will unfollow any nonreciprocal follows or any nonreciprocal follows added with TweetAdder.

5. Tweets

TweetAdder also allows you to post tweets automatically. You can set parameters for how many tweets you want to post per day, how often, post tweets in chronological or random order and make your tweets recurring. You can also add more tweets to your list or import .txt files with a list of pre-written tweets.

6. Re-Tweets

The key to an active Twitter profile and connecting with people is to retweet other uses. TweetAdder lets you choose which users to retweet, how often, how many times a day and choose what to retweet based on keywords.

7. @Replies

Another key to an active Twitter profile is replying to mentions. When someone mentions you in a tweet, you can send out an automatic message that e.g. thanks them for the mention. This makes your profile look like it’s actually run by a real person and not a computer program, which makes other users more likely to follow you.

8. Thank You Message

Thank you messages are simply messages being sent out to your new followers. This is a great place to place links to your website or links to other information you want your followers to know about (e.g. your Facebook page or profile).

The features listed are by no means a complete list of features included but is merely coverage of the most important features you get with TweetAdder. The standard version will only allow you to add one user. However, if you have more than one Twitter profile, you can also choose between 5, 10 and unlimited profiles when buying the software. I bought the version with five profiles. Seeing the results I’ve gotten so far, without even using all the features, I don’t regret buying this program for a split second! I don’t know who voted TweetAdder the best Twitter marketing software on the market, but I defiantly wouldn’t argue.

Conclusion of this TweetAdder review

The conclusion of this TweetAdder review is that the software is most defiantly worth buying. It saves you endless amounts of time. Once you have set it up to you really don’t have to log in to your Twitter profile ever again! Knowing that the Internet is rapidly changing, which is also the case with Twitter, the program is constantly updated to keep up with the changes. Customer support is one of my top criteria when it comes to my satisfaction as a customer, and when I contacted them, my question answered the following day.

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