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Hey everyone.  I’m back again, this time to review Tube Toolbox.  It’s a cool piece of software that automates some of the less fun parts of YouTube marketing, and lets you effectively turn your YouTube account into a customer-finding, list-building monster.  You can check it out by click here for the direct download of the free version.  Before I start the Tube Toolbox Review though, let me give you some background on the recent video marketing craze and where Tube Toolbox fits in.

If you’ve been following the trends at all lately, you know that video marketing is the new “big thing”, and people are pulling in cash hand over fist by milking YouTube.  For those of you who don’t know, YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google, and there is practically NO competition.

Now, this all sounds nice on paper, but for those of you who have actually taken the time to submit a video, I’m sure you’ve discovered the problem with video marketing.  See, YouTube uses a different ranking algorithm than Google does.  Sure, the same stuff matters.  Titles, keywords in content, and all the usual SEO stuff plays into it, but the major difference is that YouTube also factors in view count.

There are tons of programs out there that claim to increase your view count, and some of them actually even work, but the problem is that once YouTube finds out, they’ll ban your account faster than you can bat an eye.  Oh, and they happen to be very, very good at finding these things out, especially since being acquired by a little company you might have heard of by the name of Google.

Here’s the really interesting thing though…  YouTube’s TOS forbids bots, but only if they’re doing things faster than a human could do them.  If you were to use a bot that did things at the same speed as a human, it’d be perfectly kosher.

This is where Tube Toolbox comes in.  What Tube Toolbox does is actually really simple.  In it’s most basic form, Tube Toolbox spiders YouTube’s viewer profiles according to your search criteria and then lets you do what you will with that list of gathered users.  I’m sure you see the potential here, both for white hat and black hat applications.

I use it purely for white hat purposes, so that’s what we’re going to stick with today.  Specifically, I use it to build a massive following on YouTube that hungrily gobbles up any content that I send their way, and flocks to my websites en mass whenever I tell them to.  Oh yeah, and since they’re watching my videos, I get to increase my view count, rise in the natural search rankings on YouTube, and occasionally nab myself an extra spot in the old Google listings…  Does that sound like something you might be interested in?  Thought so!

Click here to download the free version of TubeToolbox, you’ll need it if you want to follow along in the next part!

Even though this is a review, I’m gonna go ahead and give you my strategy for using Tube Toolbox.  I would hate for you guys to buy it and have no idea what to do with it, or worse yet, get your account banned.  So, here is my personal tutorial on how to use Tube Toolbox.  Keep in mind that the free version can only send a limited number of requests per day, so if you don’t have any plans to upgrade, you don’t need to gather a ton of users.

  1. Type your search term into the YouTube search box.  Start broad, and go narrower as needed. (e.g. if your niche is “how to restore classic cars” you might use “cars” to start, then when you’ve run that day, “classic cars”, “restore classic cars” etc.)
  2. Copy and paste the names of every user on page 1 into a text file.  Repeat this for each search term relevant to your video.
  3. Copy and paste the first name into the “Gather From User” box in the sidebar and click the arrow.
  4. Select “Gather username’s Subscribers”.
  5. Uncheck “add gathered videos…” and check “Do not gather users who I have gathered before – from this account only”
  6. Set Max Pages to Gather to 25.
  7. Under User Filter Options, click Add, and in the menu that pops up, check the “User has logged in to YouTube” box to 1 month, then click OK.
  8. Click OK in the Gather Options window.  Repeat steps 3 to 8 for each username in your text list.
  9. Click “Send Friend Requests” in the sidebar.  Set the Send Delay sliders to minimum 1 min 10 seconds, maximum 2 mins 20 seconds.  Click “Add Recipients” and select the group “Gathered Users”, then click OK.
  10. Click “Start Sending”.  Leave your computer on overnight, come back to a ton of friends and subscribers as well as a bunch of views, and enjoy.

Tube Toolbox is, in my opinion, an essential piece of software if you want to build a large and responsive following on YouTube.  When you consider that you can leverage your subscribers into Twitter followers, mailing list members, Facebook fans, and practically any other social media platform you can think of, the value factor is through the roof.  I’d highly suggest giving the free version a spin, and take it from there.  As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, shoot me a comment.

Tube Toolbox review

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