Toy Renting – A Great Way to Save Money and Space

Nobody can deny the importance of toys, as young children need toys to play and grow. However, there is a problem with buying too many toys. Kids have wish lists of toys that are constantly growing and changing Not only are they expensive, but they are quickly outgrown and demand a lot of space.

This is where toy rental companies step in. By allowing parents to borrow toys for their kids instead of purchasing them, toy rental agencies help parents save money and valuable space. More parents in America today are renting toys for their kids; and who can blame them? It makes perfect sense economically and spatially.

More kids but lower sales

America has more kids than ever before. However, market research by NPD shows undeniable evidence that Americans are purchasing fewer toys today than in the last few years. Americans spent $21.68 billion in 2013 on toys, while they spent $21.18 billion in 2014. Although there is still a lot of money involved, toys are not selling like they used to, and one of the factors is likely the growing acceptance of toy renting.

How does toy renting work?

Toy renting works on the same principles as movie renting. Parents need to sign up for the service and choose a subscription plan. When your child is bored with a particular set of toys, all you need to do is return the old toys and request a new set.

What if your child falls in love with a particular toy and refuses to let go of it? Toy rental agencies also provide parents with the option of buying the toy at a discounted rate.

Toy rental agencies

Parents can borrow toys from physical warehouses or online companies.

toy renting

BabyPlays []

With a customer base of just ten in October 2007, BabyPlays has grown into one of the leading online toy rental services in the world. They offer a wide range of toys for rent, from crib toys and puppets to electronics and musical instruments. The company stocks toys from several reputable brands – to include Mattel, Playskool and Fisher Price and operates on similar principles as Netflix and offers subscription plans ranging from $19.99 to $32.99 each month. Depending on the subscription plan you opt for, your child can receive either four or eight new toys every month. You or your kids can choose fresh toys from a vast catalogue, which is constantly updated. After BabyPlays receives your order, they ship the toys to your location. Once your child has tired of these toys, you can return them back to BabyPlays and request a fresh batch.

Toyconomy []

Created by a mother of three, Toyconomy is a reputable toy rental agency that provides economical and safe toys for young children. There are two ways to rent toys from Toyconomy. Under the ‘rent as you go’ scheme, you can rent toys when you feel the need to do so. You just need to select the toy you want to rent from the online catalog, and you are billed for the same. A shipping charge of $8.99 is levied on each order. Alternatively, you could choose to become a member of Toyconomy. Toyconomy offers its members free shipping, reduced rental fees and flexibility – that means no restrictions or due dates!

Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library []

Established in 1974, the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library provides toys that encourage children to play and develop. The library stocks an inventory of around 400 toys for young children. These include farmhouses, puzzles, and baseball bats. The library offers membership plans of varying borrowing levels, and caters to families of all income levels.

Risk of contamination

Toy rental agencies, to include the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library and Toygaroo, only stock hard toys, that is, wooden and plastic toys. The reason for this is hygiene. Borrowed toys exchange many hands. It is necessary to sanitize them before they are rented to the next pair of innocent hands. While it is easy and convenient to do so with plastic or wooden toys, it is extremely difficult with stuffed toys.

Save money by renting toys

In a fast-changing world, our tastes change quickly. Nowhere is this more evident that with children and their toys. With toy renting, you can save yourself a lot of money of toys while ensuring your child’s satisfaction.

The idea of toy renting and borrowing is not new. However, technology, changing tastes and economic conditions have given this concept greater appeal. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on a limited set of toys that your child will quickly outgrow, you can rent for less money. In many situations, this way makes the most financial sense.

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