Top 10 Advertising Networks to Make Money with Your Website

Thanks to the advancement of technology, internet has become the most enhanced and preferred medium for making money online. There has been sea of job opportunities which has taken every body by a pleasant surprise. Data entry jobs , advertisements in websites and pay per clicks have become important means to make money online. Pay per click stands out to be one of the important and effective ways to make money online. You do not need to establish office, or set up infrastructure. All you have to do is to easily work from home. Google AdSense has become an important and coveted advertisement networks programs for earning quick money free of cost.

Advertising Networks

Needless to say that Google Adwords has to its credit of being the world’s first as well as last contextual advertising providing company. You equally need to take help from other affiliate programs without limiting to a single company in order to double your earning potentials. So, here goes the list of the top 10 advertising networks to make money from your website

Google AdSense

Google AdSense program has to its credit of being referred as one of the best revenue providers around the globe for proving to be an effective source of earning money online. The best thing is that, it is free to register and you have the luxury of publishing relevant Google ads. As the visitor clicks on your published ads, you have the potential of earning amount in $ which ranges from $0.01 to $10 per click.


Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window does not need any introduction. Being a UK affiliate program, it ensures in providing lucrative commission rates and that can only happen as it provides the services of top brand companies. The best thing about affiliate window is that it is able to provide payment on monthly basis too.


Yahoo Network

You can simply ensure an easy and quick money by displaying ads that are in relation to your contents site. Any qualified clicks ensure quick earning.



Adbrite is a pay per click advertising network which has been online since a long time. You can sign up for a publisher account and earn money whenever someone clicks on the ads placed on your site. It’s one of the most popular PPC ad networks.



LinkShare is also known as a great affiliate network program which has proven its worth by running for a long time now. After all, it is also considered to be the oldest affiliate networks on the web.



Bidvertiser facilitates you with earning cash by turning your advertising space into money making machine. All you have to do is to simply display these text ads on website so that advertisers can easily bid against each other.


Commission Junction

Commission junction is referred as the top international ad network  ad companies which is synonymous with excellent and enriching stats and tracking. It gives you the luxury of providing regular monthly payout. Regarded as the top level revenue providing company, it also imparts regular training sessions and seminars.



Click Bank is regarded to be an effective professional affiliate network company since it has highly enriching and mind blowing techniques. The best thing with Clickbank is that it provides you higher revenue as compared to any other network and the figure goes beyond 40% or in some cases even 50% or more.


Link Connector

Launched in 2004, LinkConnector is a new affiliate network company and it deals in providing various different kind of services such as Pay Per Click, pay per Lead and Pay Per Sale.



Needless to say that Amazon is adjudged as one the biggest and renowned shopping site, which the world has seen till date. After all, it gives you luxury of searching hundreds of thousands of products at one platform. It is also a top affiliate company and you have the coveted option of selling your own products with Amazon Stores as well. In this way, you will naturally generate ever increasing business since it is a well known reputed company.


That’s all, I’ve now listed above the top 10 advertising networks which you can use to generate revenue out of your website. If I’ve missed any other well off network, then just mention about it in the comments so that our readers shall get to know about it.

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