Tips for Travel in Dubai

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city of Dubai is a blend of traditional Arabic culture and the latest in technology. Sitting on the Arabian Gulf, the city gives visitors beautiful sandy beaches, adventures in the desert, and a city that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

In an Arabic country with a relatively long history, the city of Dubai is not perfect. Crime statistics indicate that it is about average compared to similar cities. But political and civil unrest throughout the Middle East may make some visitors question whether their travel plans are a good idea. Travelling to Dubai is not difficult and it is not dangerous. But to be sure that the trip is safe, take some time to plan for your time in Dubai.

Dubai Travel Guide

10.  Purchase Travel Health Insurance

Most health insurance companies refuse to pay for medical expenses incurred when travelling out of your home country. Ask your own insurance carrier if you will have coverage. If not, purchase some travel insurance. In Dubai, it is usually easy to get medications from pharmacies. But if you should need hospitalization, the cost of treatment could add up quickly.

9.  Check the Visa Requirements

You may need to arrange a visa before visiting Dubai. Citizens of some countries are allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates with a tourist visa upon arrival. But those of some countries must have a visa prior to arrival. Check online or with your country’s embassy before you plan your departure to be sure that you are in possession of all the proper documents.

8. Driving in Dubai

While there is good public transportation available in Dubai, you may want to drive in Dubai. If you want to drive in Dubai on a visit visa, you must have an international driving license. If you plan to acquire residence in Dubai, you will need to get a permanent UAE driving license. If you should be involved in an accident, remain with your vehicle, without moving it from the place where the accident occurred, and wait for the police.

7. Think before Taking Photographs

Do not take photographs of a party not in your travelling party without asking for permission. Unless you are in a tourist area where photography is expressly permitted, avoid taking pictures of government buildings, airports, docks, military installations, and other similar locations.  NEVER, EVER take a picture of a Muslim woman without permission.

6. Avoid Public Alcohol Consumption

While alcohol is not banned in Dubai, it can only be purchased at a few Duty Free Shops on your way into the country. No one may have more than four bottles in their possession at a time.  While on a tourist visa, you will not be allowed to purchase alcohol in a local liquor store. Only Dubai residents with an alcohol license may purchase alcohol in liquor stores. You can purchase drinks in restaurants and bars. But take care of public drunkenness as this is strictly prohibited. As of course is drinking and driving.

5. Avoid Illegal Drugs and Check Your Prescriptions

Of course the consumption of illegal drugs and trafficking drugs is strictly prohibited. If you are caught with illegal drugs, you could spend quite a bit of time in jail. But also check with your embassy to make sure your prescription drugs and over the counter drugs are allowed in the country. Some are regulated and need approval. You may need to carry a note from your physician. Always keep prescription drugs in their original containers

4.  Electrical Adapters

Electrical sockets for 3-pinned plugs of 13 amps each are the standard throughout the UAE. It is a wise idea to purchase an electrical adapter in case you have problems with phone chargers or any small appliances you may have with you.

3.  No Public Displays of Affection

Public displays of affection are offensive in Dubai. This is especially true of displays of homosexuality. Because Dubai falls under Shariah Law, it may be recommended that unwed couples arrange to have separate hotel rooms.

2.  Use Proper Money Exchanges

Never exchange your currency on the street. Exchange your money for the UAE dirham at a currency exchange, at a a bank, at a hotel, or at a mall ATM. Showing your money or exchanging money on the street may open you up to a dangerous situation and you may not get the right amount in return.

1.  Dress Modestly

Dubai is in a Muslim country and clothing should be modest in order to respect local customs. While bikinis and bathing suits are allowed on beaches, they should be covered in public even if you are on the way to the beach or back to the hotel. Men should not go in public without a shirt. Revealing clothing such as very short skirts or that leave shoulders bare are not considered appropriate.

Dubai is a very exciting city. Visitors will have many fond memories. Enjoy the modern Dubai, but take some time to see and learn about the culture, history, and traditions of the city.

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