The Harmful Effects of White Sugar on the Body and look Alternative of Sugar

There is nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.

Most of us have a sweet tooth. Sometimes, your craving for sweet may result in consumption of a spoonful of sugar. Especially in a country like India that is popular for myriad of desserts and other sweet dishes, people are crazy about satiating their appetite for sweets.

Well, from hygiene and quality point of view, many of you choose to make desserts at home. Sweet dishes made with milk are mostly the favourite desserts among all. Be it any preparation, sugar is the basic ingredient that converts your dish into dessert.

In our country, it is a myth that sugar is something that completes your preparation when it comes to making desserts. Many of you are very well aware of the health risks white sugar imposes on your body. Are you? If no, not to worry! Let’s have a look at the risks associated with white sugar that will raise your brows.

  • If you intake much amount of white sugar, it suppresses the immunity in your body and hence makes the system weak to combat challenges. So, if you love Coke or candies or sweets with sugar, have patience and look for alternatives. (This post is committed to provide better alternatives to sugar, read on.)
  • As you know that sugar is high in calories that results in putting up body weight. Moreover, people replace nutritious foods with sugar just to satisfy their love for it. This nature prevents intake of nutrients that are important for the human body.
  • Did you know that reducing the amount of white sugar in your diet is one of the effective ways to slow aging which is a dream of every single human on this planet?
  • Another dangerous disadvantage sugar includes is a rise in blood sugar levels. Insulin injections, potatoes, and much more is needed to body in that case. When blood sugar level raises, pancreas releases insulin to clear sugar and as the sugar level goes down, insulin level becomes normal. Therefore, eating excessive amount of sugar is repetitive invitation to insulin. Over the period of time, it requires more insulin and in the process pancreas may stop releasing it. Here becomes the need of insulin from outer sources like injections or insulin vegetables etc.
  • You have seen several ads with guys who thank anti-aging program that help them look like a 40 years old man when they are living their 60s. As per experts, such people inject human growth hormone in addition to balanced diet, regular exercises and many precautions. Undoubtedly, hormone treatments not only demand good money but do not vouch for positive results. They may be risky. So, it is recommended not to undergo such treatments. In course of slow down aging, avoid the foods with high amount of sugar. This is one of the natural ways to produce human growth hormone. Also include exercises and morning walk to your daily schedule. Keeping stress away also helps effectively.

Do you still want to eat sugar rich products? Most probably, no! So, is there any alternative that you can use instead of sugar? Definitely! There are many. Go through the following section that promises to take you to a new and healthier level of sweetness.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is among the greatest alternatives to white sugar. Only a change in shade brings numerous benefits to human body. Brown sugar is a rich source of minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. These minerals strengthen the immune system and keep the diseases away. Get a pack of brown sugar today and reduce the use of white sugar.


Drooling? That’s wonderful! Yes, this real sweet thing can easily replace white sugar. Honey has properties to benefit you in different ways, such as its consumption is good for heart. Or if you are stressed because of heavy weight, honey will definitely help you lose kilos. Moreover, it is not necessary to take a spoonful of honey and eat. You can mix it in a glass of milk or put it in cornflakes or muesli during breakfast or eat it in any other way you like.

Fruit Juices

There are certain dishes that go well with fruit juices instead of sugar. No need to say that fruit juices are vitamin rich and contain nutrients.

Jaggery or gur

This desi yummy substitute of sugar can be seen in almost all Indian kitchens. However, people hardly use it as an alternative to white sugar. You can use it to sweeten tea, coffee or milk. The properties present in gur improve blood circulation and are good for heart. Moreover, it prevents constipation, cleanses the liver, and increases immunity. Nonetheless, fat and diabetic people need to monitor the use of jaggery.


Wow! What an amazing fruit it is! Dates are multiple times tastier and healthier than white sugar. Especially for diabetic patients, dates are an amazing treat over white sugar. You can either eat dates in its natural form or have dates syrup. Dates can be added to diet with milk at night or in breakfast. Try to eat dates more in winter season that summer due to its properties that keep the body warm.

Maple Syrup

Among all commendable replacements of sugar, maple syrup scores highest as it keeps heavy weight people and diabetics happy. Yes, you heard it right! Maple syrup is good at reducing pounds. So, get a bottle and use it in place of sugar.


Grate coconut and add it to the dessert you are going to make. This alternative to sugar is healthy for body. Also, it keeps your skin healthy and glowing.


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