The grocery store

Everybody knows when you go shopping to bring coupons.

Some people go the BJ’s or Sam’s Club route.

That’s good if you have some place to store your barrel of mayo.

What if you’re not a clipper?  What if you don’t have the space for bulk
Items? What if you’re single or just  a couple and your barrels of mayo go bad
before you can consume it?

That would just be wasting money. You’re correct, but please read on.

I was never big on sitting around for a couple of hours with a pair of scissors and a Sunday news paper either.

The first thing you need to do is get your local stores savings card. A Slight pain in the butt to do, but your 2 minutes of application time will come back to you insavings and rewards.

Take a look at your” store brands” and your “off brand” products. These products are produced from the same companies that you’re paying top dollar for, they are marketed under a different label.

Don’t fall for the misconception that they taste different  or are sub standard. This is the biggest misunderstanding out there. Why would you pay $1.00 for the same can of corn, instead of $.50? If you take a look at the “off brand “stores, re ;( save a lot, bottom dollar, price rite, etc.) you can do very well. A large majority of the foods in these stores are manufactured by the same companies you’re buying from every day.

When my sons were growing up, I was spending $ 300.00 every 10 days at the grocery store. I started buying the majority of my items from an “off brand” store. This move brought my bill down to $150.00 every 10 days. Does cutting your bill in half get your attention! Your children are convinced that they’re cereal tastes different, because it doesn’t have a” name brand” on the box. Save the box and slip in the” off brands” contents. Don’t be surprised when they don’t say a word. Then let them in on your secret after they’ve consumed it. You’ll never hear a complaint again.

I’ve noticed a huge increase in the price of meat, over the last few years, at my grocery store. I buy all of my meat from a butcher shop. With their package deals, it’s about  %40 less than I would spend at the grocery store and it’s a higher quality product. Ok, now you’re going to the grocery store to buy the few Items you can’t get elsewhere. Now you’re spending $40 dollars, instead of $300. You’re also stopping at the “off brand” store and spending $75 dollars. Your last stop is at the butcher you spent
$250.on a large meat package deal.

Bag of groceries isolated on white background

You’re thinking I didn’t save any money.

Well when you stopped at the butcher you just bought enough meat for the whole month (a little longer if you’re single or just a couple). You did the same at the off brand store as well. Now keeping the family supplied for bread and milk is a stop at the, local convenience, store as needed.

I told some friends of mine about this (4 children and counting).They already shopped at the “off brand store”. I showed them the butcher shop and got yelled at by my friend’s wife. I asked “why are you yelling at me? You don’t think they have good deals”? Her reply was “they have great deals, I cut my bill in half, and you could
have told me about this month’s ago”Last but not least check out your local dollar store. I’m buying speed stick deodorant, Mennen body wash, White rain shampoo, Crest tooth paste and a bunch of other items that cost a lot more than a buck apiece. These are not off brands.Don’t be afraid to shop. I hope this was helpful, pass it on.

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