The Cost Advantages of Futons

For those looking to keep their bedding and furniture costs under control, futons are often the way to go. They make it possible to lower expenditures without sacrificing style.

The right purchase price

While the traditional Japanese futon was simply a type of mattress that was folded out at night for sleeping, futons have morphed into a type of versatile furniture in the West. Of course, there are high-end futons out there that can really set a shopper back, but on average; futons are far more economical than other types of furniture. Their design makes them cheaper to manufacture and some of the best buys in furniture.

Double duty

The savings in the lower purchase price is further amplified by the fact that futons are designed to do double duty. Since they can be converted back and forth between a sofa and a bed with ease, one futon can take the place of two pieces of furniture. This is great for both those looking to save money and those who must conserve space. Those living in efficiencies or one-bedroom apartments are not the only ones who can benefit either. There is no need to buy that extra bed for guests when the futon sofa can provide a place to sleep.

Disassemble and save

The modular design of futons means they can be broken down into separate pieces easily. This offers different opportunities for savings. The most obvious is that they become easier to move and ship. Once a futon is disassembled, it can fit into a much smaller vehicle than a bed would require and does not require as many hands or as much money to ship. At the destination, a futon and be brought into and assembled in tight places that might be impossible for other furniture.

Cheap and easy cleaning

Futon covers and modular design also offers cheaper alternatives when cleaning. Many futon covers can simply be thrown into the laundry for cleaning. With fewer nooks and crannies for things to get caught in, futons are easier to keep clean too. When stains cannot be cleaned, one can simply buy new covers or even replace the mattress itself at a reasonable cost.



Furthermore, for those in situations where they will not need their futons for a while, the ability to break down the futon offers more storage opportunities. A futon that has been broken down will only require a fraction of the storage space of a regular bed and sofa.

Repair and save

The ease in which futons can be broken down also means they can be repaired much easier. While it is almost impossible to access many areas of a traditional sofa or even to be sure of its internal construction, the nature of futon frames makes their innards very accessible. This enables those with any knack for fixing things to repair futons and replace parts if needed.

A cheap alternative to reupholstering

With most furniture, expensive reupholstering and the like is required when the look of the furniture needs to be changed. With futons, all this can be done simply be changing the futon cover. These covers are often very inexpensive and come in endless varieties. There are even those who change their covers with the seasons.

Of course, the cost savings futons offer is not the only reason to choose them. However, these savings are certainly a major benefit of choosing a futon over other types of furniture. While futons can offer something for everyone, those looking to save money and space will benefit the most from their features.

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