The 10 Best Tips To Shed Pounds And Keep Them Off

If you’re finding this out a little too late—and you want to actually lose some of that weight—you have to downsize by 500 calories a day. But you don’t have to slash them all from your plate. Here are 10 things to do to lose pounds and keep them off

1) Record everything you eat

Record everything that you eat even if it’s just a handful of chocolates. This will help you to have control over your diet plan and regain control quickly if you stray off your diet plan.

2) Hide the candy

A study has proved that people who see more food end up eating more food. So keep those unhealthy food away from your sight.

3) Eat smaller portions

Eat smaller portions can keep calories in check. Tip: use smaller plates and containers.

4) Weigh yourself daily

People who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to closely monitor their diet plans and regain control of their diets quickly if they gain weight. Use a digital weighing scale as it is easy to read and it detects small changes in weight. Tip: Weight yourself at the same time of the day – preferably in the morning, after you have used the bathroom.

Weight Loss Tips

5) Limit variety

The wider the variety of foods available to you, the more food you will eat. Reason: eating more of the same food is not enticing to your tastebuds as eating something new.  At buffets, limit your plate to no more than two items at any time.

6) Exercise for overall health

View exercise as a way to get fitter and healthier and not as a way to lose weight.

7) Eat alone whenever possible

Most people tend to eat more than they would like when they are with someone else than when alone. The reason may be the meal goes on for a longer time and talking acts as a kind of distraction from your food. You may also succumb to peer pressure and end up eating more than you would like to.

8 ) Set a realistic weight loss goal

Set a realistic weight loss goal – to lose 10 percent of your currehnt body weight. This will confer more significant health benefits.  Once you have achieved the goal, maintain the new weight for six months – so that your body has the time to adjust to the new weight and recalibrate – and then you can repeat the cycle to lose more weight, if desired.

9) Avoid distractions when you are eating

Focus on your food when you are eating. Taking at least 20 minutes to finish your food will allow your brain to receive the message if you are feeling full.

10) Do not underestimate the value of making small changes

Making small changes in your dietary plan helps a lot in acheiving your weight loss goal. Weight management is a long-term and life-long thing. Adopting a structured and organised approach will help in your weight management.

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