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With today’s economy it can be hard to make a decent living and difficult to just be able to find a job at all, which is why so many people have become interested in online money making. It’s a good way to make some much needed extra cash or even go into business for themselves.  Here we will explore some of the options available for online money making by starting your own website.

start your blog

Online money making: in the beginning

PPC Advertising networks are one of the most popular ways for online money making. Using Google Adsense will enable the website owner to receive payment from Google based on the number of clicks per each ad that Google places on your site. The Google ads are designed to be relevant towards the type of website you are running and will require you have a high volume of visitors clicking on the Google ads in order to make a good profit.

CPM advertising works in a similar way, except this type depends on the number of visitors you have at your site each month.

Direct banner advertising is another way for online money making. For direct banner advertising, you’ll need a big audience to get qualifying businesses to want to advertise on your site.  Because they want to advertise on your site, this will mean you have a high visitor rate and will be able to discuss and haggle with how much a month they will pay you for an advertisement space.

Online Money making: simple and trendy ways to make money

One of the biggest trends as of late is the monetization widget. These act just like regular web widgets, for easy placement and can really help to monetize your website.

Affiliate marketing is online money making option available, which entails merchant selling affiliate’s products on their site. has a very popular affiliate program available.

Online money making: blogging as a professional

The easiest way to run your own website is to start blogging. You should purchase your own domain name, costing around 10-20$ and use a web hosting company, which gives you more freedom to run your website any way you want to.  This also gives your blog a more professional look and will allow you to choose a domain name that is easier to for people to remember.

If you are serious about starting your own blog, you’ll need to try and blog as often as possible, several times a week for the first six months to build up the number of visitors you receive. Once you have an established amount you can start working on getting advertisements on your blog. One of the best ways to get your blogs attention is to comment on blogger forums as well as advertising on Facebook.

These are all great ways to make your website or blog bring in some income.   Once you’ve established a large amount of visitors each month online money making will be a breeze.

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