Put a Private Workforce to Work Saving for You!

Most people do not have their own work force but would certainly like one. Believe it or not, it is possible for almost anyone to create a type of work force of their own. Here is how to do it.

Well, what exactly is this force? It is simply the money from saving and investing that is working for the investor. Every penny that is not spent today can be put to work for tomorrow. This money will never tire, get sick, ask for a vacation and will work 24/7. What could be better?

Getting started

How does one create this workforce? Like anything good, it does require sacrifice to at first. One has put off instant gratification today to create the army of workers for them tomorrow. There are things that anyone interested in having money work for them must do.

Get out of debt

Unfortunately, many people have money working against them rather than for them.  Debt works in a negative way just like savings works in a positive way. Think about how many hours of work it takes to earn the after-tax income to pay for interest on debt. All the time lost in this way is time spent working for someone else’s savings.

Consider the price of any product before buying it on credit. Whatever the price is, the cost of credit will make it that much higher. Most goods cost enough without having to add an extra tax to them in the form of interest payments. How many goods are really worth that much of in additional cost? The answer has to be very few if any. If the product cannot be paid for in full without incurring extra interest payments, its purchase should be put off until it can be.

Save some every day

Every little bit helps. Even forgoing a few dollars a day in unnecessary purchases can add up to significant amounts of money over the years. Always keep in mind that it is more than just the money saved. Whatever is saved will be working for the saver and grow on its own.

Those who think it cannot be done

Money people think that they simply do not make enough money to save. However, this is unlikely. Consider what would happen to people whose pay was suddenly cut buy 10% or 20%. As difficult as accepting such an event would be, it would not be insurmountable. The average person would find a way and get by. There are savings to be found in everyone’s cash flow.


Apart from having to forgo gratification today, saving does have other pitfalls. Savings have to be managed and can lose money. Those who are very adverse to risk need to say with savings accounts and other investments that are safer. While they will pay less, they do give some piece of mind. However, investments that can drop in value will give better returns over time. Those who want money to really work for them should keep a riskier, but diversified, portfolio.

The rewards

Being able to forgo consumption today for tomorrows savings shows a level of maturity savers can be proud of. The feelings that can come from this are much better than what comes from just consuming. Keep this and the future in mind and saving can be both fun and rewarding.

There is no time like the present. It is time to start saving and build that private workforce today.

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