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When people work together and share, it opens up a world of possibilities. Peer-to-peer renting offers a lot of promise to those who want to save money as well as many other benefits that can potentially change the nature of how people consume.

Basically, peer-to-peer renting (sometimes called person-to-person renting) is people renting from others at an individual level. While this is nothing new, the internet has greatly increased its scale and practicality by bringing those with needs and goods together and offering fresh ways of payment.

Peer-to-peer for travel

P2P brings numerous opportunities in travel that go well beyond saving or making money (for those renting out). On a practical level, it allows people to find accommodation at better rates and at times when hotel rooms may be fully booked. Money saved goes beyond just the rental costs since people can also save by cooking in, with more flexible timing and the reduced need for special services.

It also can make the travel experience more rewarding, While it varies with the location, there are generally a lot more chances to interact with local people and culture when staying in places other than hotels, making travel a far more social experience. These, sometimes out-of-the-way places, often have a special, much more personal flavor.

Try different sites to find the one that is best for your needs and plans. Some sites to consider are Airbub, which has rooms in 192 countries, with other top sites being 9flats, Tripping and Roomorama.

Car sharing

P2P rentals offer opportunities in car sharing for those traveling and in other situations where they need to rent. Some people may not drive enough to justify buying a car or may only need a certain type of vehicle for a short time. Whatever the reason for needing a vehicle rental, this form of renting offers opportunities to save or make extra money on the side.

While every site works differently, the renter usually just needs to request a vehicle they find in the desired area and wait for the owner to accept. Some even allow cars to be rented and unlocked via a smartphone app. Some sites to consider include Relayrides and Getaround.  A limiting factor on this kind of rentals is insurance (policies often have restrictions), although some states have adjusted their laws to make it easier.

peer to peer renting

Renting other goods peer-to-peer

One age-old quandary is what to do about goods you have but rarely use and others you don’t have but need occasionally. P2P renting makes it possible to save money by making do with less and make money from those things you are not making full use of. Of course, this has the added bonus of allowing people to get by using fewer resources and save the environment. Finally, if you are one of those who does not like to be weighed down by too many possessions, here is a way to do what you would like without having to accumulate so much.

Sites to include Zilok and SnapGoods allow people to rent a wide variety of things.

Other forms of P2P rentals

To help you avoid broker and other fees when renting apartments, as well as the hassles, Insidedigs helps you rent apartments directly from other people.

NeighborGoods is focused on neighborhood sharing.

Sharezen specializes in collaborative ownership big ticket and luxury items to include vacation homes, planes and boats.

Although it is not a rental service, Fieldagent has an interesting crowdsourcing service. For example, a business in need pricing of a product in a certain area will offer the job. Those signed up for the service in that area can then choose this job through an app on their phone and send the requested information. Many of the jobs may not be worth the bother for those signed up for the service, but they can pick and choose what they will do.

Of course, there are drawbacks to these services. Mainly, those renting things out are taking possible damage and other risks. However, both sides usually find peer-to-peer renting a positive experience.

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