Parenting and Money

My husband and I have been working our way to financial freedom. Our primary goal is to be able to retire early and live comfortably. In our 20′s, we were saddled with students loans and credit card debts. Through changes in our mindset over money and living within our means, we eliminated our debts within a few years and bought a house. Once we have done this, our focus turned towards investing our money both for retirement and to acquire wealth. With the recent addition of our son, our financial habits and strategies continue to evolve. Most of our financial decisions today are driven by our desire to provide a happy and secure future for our child.

Parenting and Money

Here are some financial tips that worked for us as a couple:

The Money Talk
It is important to be on the same page with your spouse. If one spouse is not in line with the financial goals, then it will be difficult to execute and will likely fail.

Team Work
In order to achieve your goals as a family, you need to operate as a team. If your partner does not work without valid reasons, he is not being a team player. From a financial standpoint, you need to view your family’s income and expenses like a business. Businesses do not achieve success without a solid business plan and target profit margins. It is the same with families.

Get a Job or Start a Business
You need to have a solid source of income. Acquire marketable skills to obtain a good paying job. Excel at your work to advance your career. Continue to find ways to increase your income as a family. If you have entrepreneurial skills, then maybe you can start a business. Encourage each other to grow in your respective careers. Each spouse must try to maximize their abilities to earn a living.

Manage Expenses Wisely
Having a consistent habit of cutting expense costs and saving money is critical. Focus on the big picture but keep an eye on the small things. Always have the end in mind. Everyday spending habits can be influenced in a positive way if you do this. Every penny counts.

Grow Your Money
Money does not grow on trees, well at least not on its own. You need to plant seeds and nurture it to grow. At minimum, it is important to save money to cover emergencies, big expenses and your retirement. Learn to invest your money wisely. Aim for financial independence.

Stay on Track
Keep yourself motivated and on course. Read personal finance blogs and news articles to find numerous ways to stay on top of your finances. Find sites that are relevant to you. The Internet has a rich resource of bloggers who are eager to share their tips and strategies.

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I am a mother to an awesome toddler who keeps me on my toes and smiling all the time. As parents, my husband and I endeavor to be the best that we can be. I am passionate about frugality, living debt free and being financially independent. We live within our means, adopted smart money habits and continue to learn ways to improve our finances and life as a family. I enjoy sharing my ideas and what I learn with others.

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