Offer Online Marketing Services To Offline Businesses

The internet may offer you all sorts of products and services, but there are still businesses that you cannot find online. That is hard to believe in this age of information and technology, but companies that do not have online presence are a reality.

They are so real that there are people who make six figures plus providing consultancy services to these offline businesses, teaching them online marketing techniques. Offline businesses normally rely on their traditional marketing techniques that do not really exploit the full marketing potential of their products or services. People are just so attuned to finding what they want and need online that many will not even think of finding them offline first.

Don’t you just want to be one of those earning good money by offering marketing services to offline businesses? It can prove to be a lucrative business especially if you have the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective online marketer.

One thing that you need to set straight with offline business owners is their misconception that having a website is not essential to their business because they are not selling online. Offline businesses need customers, and the internet has millions, if not billions of customers logging in everyday in search for something they want or need, whether it’s information, products or services.

Most people will also do research on a certain business or company if they are interested to buy from them; it’s just the normal way to do things nowadays. Those businesses that do not have online presence already miss out at this early stage of people’s buying behavior. They will be left behind by other companies that know how to use their online presence to their advantage.

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You need to make your target client understand that tapping into the power of the internet can help them access the whole world, and that they need to join the online world if they don’t want to be left behind by the competition or, worse, see their business wither and eventually fold up.

You can start making money offering marketing services to offline business by coming up with a roster of services you can offer your target clients. For starters, you can offer website design and basic content, something you can do yourself if you have some basic design skills and can write well. If you have a portfolio, it would help to showcase your past work with former clients.

If web design is not your strength, don’t worry. You can still offer this service to your client but outsource it to freelance web designers. When coming up with your price, do not forget to factor in your expenses for outsourcing, the domain name, hosting costs, and a monthly maintenance fee. Set a price that will still give you a nice profit.

The website can initially have a limited number of pages containing information about the company, their products or services, their logo or business identity, mission statement if any, address or location, and contact details such as email, telephone numbers, fax, and others.

If you can write, you can choose to make the web content. You can also write articles about your client’s company, products or services and send these out to online article directories where they get published and are available for reading to anyone who wants them. It is important that the articles have the contact details or a link to the website of your client so that those who want to follow through with a purchase can easily get in touch with them.

Creating a blog about the company or products of your client can also be part of your services to them. Write and post regularly in the blog to keep it updated and help create a following. You can also make press releases about new product launches or important business news about your client and send these out to as many outlets as you can.

If you are new to this line of business, you can start by offering clients with basic services that you can build up as you gain more knowledge and skills. Study what others in your line of business are doing well. If you can learn those, you can add them on to your services as you go along. It is important to come across as an expert in your field, and be as skillful as you can.

Offline businesses will find that the services you offer are what they need to have marketing success. They will even be grateful for your help if it will allow them to focus their time and energy on running the business every day.

Offering marketing services to offline business can give you a good source of income. If you can help your offline clients improve their bottomline and grow their business by marketing them online, you might just find yourself with more clients than you can handle.

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