Most Popular Methods To Make Money Online For Free

When it comes to making money online for free, the most popular methods fetch the dough. However, it is not all that easy to make money online, just like that. It takes some doing, though and requires skills, tact and presence of mind too. You do not have to make any investment, though. When you search the Internet for making money online, you are bound to come across hundreds of ways.  Some are real and legitimate, while the others happen to be scams and get rich quick schemes.

free ways to make money online


Article Writing is the most popular method among the lot.  Even though this technique has been around for quite a long time, it still works! On an average, you need to write articles with a word count of approximately 500 words. There’s something more – your articles need to be quite valuable and interesting too.   The best part is that you can write on varied topics, as long as readers exist for your writings.  It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for somebody or you are a freelance writer, just do some internet research wherein you get paid online for your writings, bookmark such pay sites, sign up, write articles and you are on your way in earning money online absolutely for free!


Online Surveys are increasingly gaining popularity these days. Previously it was the western countries, now it is the Asian countries that conduct such online programs. Online Surveys are quite simple and the average time taken to complete them is roughly 15 to 20 minutes.  To facilitate this process, there are plenty of online survey companies handling wide and varied topics such as automobiles to entertainment to food etc.  Join, take the survey, and that’s it!


Data Entry is another method of generating online income.  Though this job is highly monotonous, when done right, it pays really well. All that you need to do is to type in the text in particular formats and voila! – there you are!   The only crucial issue that you need to take care of is that some of the data entry companies might want you to install certain software onto your computer system.  Once these formalities are through, you can start off with your data-entry.


Making money online through Affiliate Programs is one of the better methods, because, in this field, you are just going to sell other people’s products and services for a commission.  All you need to do is to search for the right kind of affiliate program that promotes products that you may have expertise in, and then promote these products on vai several ways, the most common is from running a blog.


These days, Blogging has become an integral part of Internet Marketing and it is becoming increasingly popular, by the day. There are plenty of blogging platforms available on the net, so you can choose the one that is most suitable and appropriate for you. The main advantage about blogging is that you can just about blog on any topic of your choice and expertise, irrespective of the nature of the blog, as such.  In fact, you can even make money out of blogging by getting to advertise products and resultantly earn revenue from it. However, this process is not all that easy. You need a lot of patience, as such. It really takes a lot of doing, efforts, time and energy for gaining success in this field.


If you are good at writing, you can as well create E-Books and sell them online.  Or, if you are not able to create E-Books on your own, you can as well sell E-Books created by others. This process earns you a commission.  The advantage with E-Books is that, you can sell and resell any number of copies.


Social networking sites, these days, are increasingly becoming popular and is fast emerging as a popular method to make money online for free.  In fact, many people want to get involved in this field of running their own individual sites and fulfilling the need for getting members as well.  But this process is once again very difficult, since, it is initially not easy to get word outside about the site and also make this particular site look active.  However, there are many social networking sites that are available online and pay you as well! Get a list of such pay sites, register yourself, open an account and make money online for free by doing some active work throughout the social networking sites.

There are still many methods available to make money online such as selling Online Videos, eBay Sales, form filling, designing websites, selling online audios, email marketing, directory submissions, web hosting, forum participations and more. As an active web user, you need to ensure that you select the field of your expertise as well as strengths and make money online without any investment.

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