Micro Niche Finder Review – Best Keyword Research Tool

OK, so you’ve got TweetAddder…  What’s next on the shopping list?  Well, the success of your sniper site lives and dies based on your keyword research.  Now you’ve got a couple of options here.

You can do it the old fashioned way with the free google keyword tool, Firefox, an addon like SEOQuake, and a few brains, and hope that your keyword works out for you.  It’ll take you a few mistakes, some wasted effort, and a wasted domain name or 10 to do it, but you can definitely gut it out.

Or you can skip all of that and take the easy path with Micro Niche Finder.

Micro Niche Finder Review

Here’s the deal.  If you’re looking for the best keyword research tool you can possibly find to give yourself an edge in building your internet empire, look no farther than Micro Niche Finder.

In my Micro Niche Finder review, I’m going to show you exactly why it beats out its competition and is the absolute best keyword research tool for Google Snipers and niche marketers.

In my experience, Micro Niche Finder beats out the competition quite handily.  When it comes to true competition, the only other tool worth discussing is Market Samurai.  While Market Samurai definitely has its strengths and is probably the better tool for people with years of SEO experience, Micro Niche Finder is far superior at creating and expanding a list of keywords and assessing the competition.

micro niche finder review

To use Market Samurai’s keyword research feature to its fullest, you need to already understand what makes a good keyword.  Understanding things like SEO title to competition ratio, the difference between AdWords value and SEO value and when they are or aren’t relevant, and the relevancy of phrase to broad ratio are all things that will make an SEO newbie curl into the fetal position and start weeping.  If your main goal is to make sniper sites or do some niche marketing, those fancy schmancy technicalities aren’t really relevant.

Micro Niche Finder, on the other hand, gives you data pulled straight from the Google keyword tool and allows you to filter it, sort it, and adjust it as needed.  It displays everything you need to know to make your keyword decisions on one page, without worrying about adjusting filters and trying to figure out whether or not a piece of data is relevant.

After creating over 50 niche sites, I can tell you from experience that it’s easy enough to make a mistake along the way.  The more you can do to simplify the process, the better.

Now you can have all the keywords in the world, but you need to know the competition levels before you can pick out your keyword, right?  Here’s where Micro Niche Finder really shines.

In Market Samurai, the SEO competition module gives you the exact number of backlinks to the page, domain, edu and gov, on-page SEO, directory listings, domain age, page rank, and much more.  Pretty awesome…  If you’re an SEO guru.  Otherwise, it’s just a whole jumble of numbers.

Put it this way.  If I told you that the #1 result for your keyword had the following stats – 4 years old, a PR of 3, 7400 backlinks to the domain, 65 to the ranking page, Yahoo directory listing but no DMOZ, 4 edu / gov backlinks, keyword in title and meta but not URL, and a cache age of 8 – Could you tell me whether or not you could outrank it, and how long it would take you?

Didn’t think so. Don’t worry, there are very few people who can read that gobbledygook and actually make sense of it.  If you’ve got the time and energy to learn the language, power to you, and enjoy Market Samurai.

If you’ve got more important things to do with your time, and you’d rather save the statistics for your accountant, Micro Niche Finder has got you covered.  You want easy?  How does clicking a few buttons and getting a straight-up yes or no to your keyword sound?

Micro Niche Finder has a handy little feature called SOC (Strength of Competition) that will give you a red, yellow, or green light on your keyword.  Once you get a green light, you know you’re good to go.

Us snipers and niche marketers have it super easy with this app since there’s even a built-in domain checker.  My keyword research process in Micro Niche Finder goes like this:

  1. Type in a seed keyword (say, electric guitars)
  2. Sort the list by search volume.
  3. Set it to work figuring out the SOC for each keyword.
  4. Choose a green keyword with an available domain and build a site around it.
  5. Grin like a madman when I hit the first page of Google in a week and make my first sale from the site in under a month.

It never gets old.  Anyway, this review is getting far too wordy, so let me leave you with this.  Keyword research used to be the part of the site creation process that I hated most.

It was nerve-wracking because I was always afraid I’d screw it up and waste time and money making a site that wouldn’t rank.

Now, since Micro Niche Finder makes it so easy to find awesome keywords and avoid making stupid mistakes, I have a huge text file with about 100 awesome sniper keywords that I don’t have sites for… yet!

If that sounds good to you, click the link below and get Micro Niche Finder, and leave me a comment if the review helped you or if you have any feedback.


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