Make Money Writing Book Reviews

If you can make money doing something that you love like reading, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Well, here is your chance to make reading an income-boosting activity by writing book reviews.

Making money writing book reviews has caught on in recent years. Doing book reviews not only provides you a new source of income, but also augments your bookshelf and enhances your portfolio of skills and services.

Not very many people know that writing book reviews can be a good source of revenue.  The bonus is that you get to express yourself when writing the review, putting in your personal take on the subject or the story of the book. More often than not, you get to keep the book you’re reviewing, and that simply sweetens the deal.

When writing a book review, you give your personal evaluation of the book’s worth and readability, giving people an insight into its content to allow them to determine if there’s value in reading it or not.  This can be a creative outlet for the writer in you. With the bonus feature of being able to make money, you wouldn’t pass the chance to engage in this kind of undertaking.

But what do you need to do first before you embark on your book review business?

Make Money Writing Book Reviews

First, look for free books to review for practice.  If you are doing the review online, it’s easy to search using the phrase “free eBooks” On Google which will give you a long list of results.  You can also set up a Google alert in your email that will let you know when new books have become available online.

If you’re going to read hard copy books, you can start from your own bookshelf or borrow from your family and friends.  It’s best to keep your outlay to a minimum when starting this type of business. When you’ve gone over the best titles in your bookshelf, you can request for hard copy or electronic books from publishers who welcome reviews on their books.

You get a higher chance of getting publishers to give you books if you already have a good track record of reviewing books and have an audience that follows your reviews. Giving these publishers copies or links of the reviews you have done might just convince them to give what you’re asking.

Where do you get your reviews published?  If you review books of general interest, it will get better readership when published in magazines or local newspapers. You can also explore book review websites for more specialized books. Another great way to publish your reviews is to create your own blog or website dedicated to book reviews. You can center your reviews around a specific genera of books for better results in attracting an interested audience.

Now how to make money writing book reviews.  Many reviewers sign up for a partner or affiliate account with, a popular choice because it is easy to use and generates a lot of sales. When someone reads your review and clicks on your affiliate link placed within the page of your book review, they are brought to Amazon where they can purchase the book. Amazon then pays you a commission for every sale traced to your affiliate link.

Another option is to write the review on HubPages where you can link to the book through other programs that also pay you a portion of the sales they make. You can also sell your book reviews directly to publishers, newspapers or magazines who may pay as much as $50, or to e-zines for somewhere between $10 and $15 apiece, and still to others who will pay per word.

You can do book reviews for your own website or blog, making sure to give an honest review for your readers. Make your review juicy and interesting enough to hold the attention of the reader until the desire to grab a copy of the book intensifies. Do not simply hype the book up as this will come across as hard selling and people may not believe your being honest.

You don’t want to make promises in your review about how good the book is and then it fails to deliver when your reader actually buys and reads the book. You may have made an initial sale, but you will not get repeat clients this way. You also run the risk of losing readership, which is tantamount to no traffic, no sale, and ultimately no revenue for both you and your affiliate company.

Having a specific niche in your book review site or blog is better than reviewing books of general topics or interests. Focusing on a niche helps your website stand out from the countless others found online, and if you provide content of real value to your readers – not just an advertisement of the book you’re reviewing – others will catch on and your readership will increase.

Enhance your website or blog with other articles or blog posts related to the topic of your book review, keeping it focused to the same niche while adding more informative and useful content that will make the site more interesting to readers.

Once your book review website or blog is up, sign up with Google AdSense to display their ads on your site, choosing ads targeted to the subject of your review. For every reader who clicks on any of their ads, Google will pay you a portion of their revenue.

If you love reading books, writing book reviews can be a pleasurable task for you, and it is a bonus that you can make money while doing it. To continue earning making book reviews, always be on the lookout for book review jobs by checking out the markets regularly.

Pay close attention to new and upcoming books that sound promising, so you can write your review on these in your website or blog. If you’re any good at it, you might just get job offers to write book reviews for publishers, magazines or newspapers.

Are you making money writing book reviews for others or for your own website? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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