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The written word – the Web would be not complete without it. Information is what everyone looks for when they go to the Internet, and the most straightforward way of presenting information is through articles or the written text.

It is such an important part of the online world it would simply be unimaginable if the internet did not have any written content in it. Articles or content is like the soul of the Web; without it, how can you communicate what you want to impart to others?

When you see all those articles on every website you visit, you can just imagine the volume of content the internet needs every day. And behind all these content are writers, either part-time or full time, working either for themselves or for others who own the websites or blogs.

There are hundreds if not thousands of business blogs, and website owners who want people to know about their products and services, and placing relevant content on their websites does the work for them.  Every website needs original, unique content to fill up its web pages, making it more interesting and informative to its readers.

It must have a steady supply of fresh content to help it rank well in the search engines. This helps drive traffic to the website, and the more traffic it generates, the higher the profitability for the sellers and internet marketers.

While some website owners do write their own content, most will be busy engaged in product development, marketing and sales that will leave them little or no time to write the content.  Still others do not have the talent or skill; hence outsourcing the writing job is the only alternative.  If you have writing skills, here is where you come in.

The basic things you need to start making money writing content is having a computer and an internet connection, and some writing skills, at the very least. Finding an online client for your writing services may well be the hardest part, because you would need to find one that offers a legitimate writing job that actually pays a rate you would be happy to work for.

A client will ask you to write an article about a particular subject, give you specific instructions on what they want the article to convey, including its scope, length, even specific keywords or phrases. Those who demand high quality content will be willing to pay well for it, but only if you can deliver. Still, there are others who prefer quantity over quality; they will pay you less for each article, but as it will normally be in bulk, the final number will still be substantial.

Start by accepting writing jobs you think you can do well. As you go along, you can improve your research and writing skills and gain a lot of information along the way.  You will also notice that the speed at which you write will also pick up, allowing you to finish writing content faster than before and letting you write more articles in a shorter period of time.

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To position yourself as a good and reliable writer, you need to be able to juggle your work load to meet your deadlines, if you have more than one or two clients. Meeting deadlines is imperative in this business, so show your client some respect by following the agreed schedule of submission.

There is a huge market for freelance writers out there, and it does not even matter what areas your interests or expertise may be, because whatever it is, there will always be a website about it, and that website will need content.  While there are other markets for your talent, like magazines or newspapers, the internet by far offers the best opportunities even for the novice writer.

That is why there are many websites where one can find writers to write content for them, and you can affiliate with websites like these if you want to take out the task of looking for your own clients.  You can also look directly for a client online, cutting out the middleman in the process who normally gets a cut from the payment before it gets to you.

You can check out classified ads sites like Craigslist for postings on writing jobs that connects you directly to the client, or you can simply use the search engines by typing up relevant keywords related to online writing jobs.  The results will be vast, and you will need to find the opportunity that best suits your skill.

If you are byline conscious, this opportunity may not be for you, as you will be ghostwriting for your client and the articles will not bear your name once they are published.  You need to be able to make a commitment when accepting a writing job, as it will often come in batches and not just one or two articles at one time.

Another option is to work with a team of ghostwriters who gets regular assignments from a team leader. You will be asked to make regular submissions depending on the client’s need, and that can provide you with a regular income.

Writing online content is just one of the many ways of making money on the internet, but it is a legitimate way of making an income if you are any good at it. If you are serious about making money writing content, tap the online market to land new opportunities and discover new markets other than the traditional ones.

Some have even quit their day jobs to become online writers full-time, but only after they have become successful and have a long term and steady stream of income that can sustain their lifestyle. One can also write on the side without having to quit their regular job. Making money writing online content can still earn you a respectable amount if you have the right skills and attitude.

Just don’t forget the basics: submit articles that have no grammar issues, meet agreed to deadlines, and most importantly, create quality content that gives readers real value.

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