Make Money With Your Own Grass Cutting Service

Cutting grass is oftentimes at the bottom of most people’s list of things to do for a number of reasons. They might not have the time to do it, or simply do not like the idea of trudging behind a lawnmower. If the lawn is quite big, it will take some time to finish cutting the grass. Even if people do it, most of them frankly feel they’d rather be doing something else.

If you like the idea of helping other people mow their lawn, then starting your own grass cutting service may be a good business venture for you. You will be doing a lot of people a favor, those who simply do not want to mow their lawn and are willing to pay someone else to do it.

A grass cutting business is a great way to make money, especially if you are the type who does not mind working outdoors. Looking for clients is not difficult; you can go even just around your neighborhood and look for those willing to pay you to cut their grass.

There are many advantages of running a grass cutting service apart from the good revenue it can potentially give you.  You can control the amount of time and effort you put into it, working at your own pace and your preferred hours. You also get to have a good workout flexing your muscles and moving around. Plus, you get to enjoy the fresh air.  And if your grass cutting business is home based or holds an office near it, serving the immediate community, you only need to take a short commute.

If you’re wondering who your customers are, just imagine the millions of baby boomers who are now in their twilight years and — having worked for a good many years and have  set themselves up for retirement – have the resources to pay for services they want or need.  Many of those who belong in this generation are also homeowners, with children all grown up and moved out of their parents’ house.

Make Money With Your Own Grass Cutting Service

This clientele values their beautiful home set off by a well-kept landscape, and the front yard is usually their showcase. However, being at that certain age, most of them are not inclined to do the manual work entailed. So they resort to hiring people to mow their lawn for them.  After all, they can well afford to pay for the service.

Still there are many other potential customers for your grass-cutting service. There are homeowners who may be planning to put their house on the market and would need your service to improve their house’s curb appeal. You can also target residential and commercial property builders who do not have their own landscaper or gardener to do the lawn maintenance for them.

There are also homeowners who leave their homes in winter and are off to warmer climates, or those who are frequently out of town on business, who want to put up an appearance of having people in their house.  There’s nothing like an unkempt front lawn with tall grass growing on it to tell people that the house is empty or uninhabited.

Commercial customers can be golf courses, rental properties like condominium communities that source out their lawn maintenance, and botanical gardens, schools and universities, government parks, and other public places with open green spaces.  Whoever your customer may be, it’s always a rule to clean up after yourself; don’t leave grass cuttings behind and always dispose them properly.

Now to get those customers, you need to promote your grass cutting business. Make some flyers and go out and hand them over to potential clients in your neighborhood and your community. Your flyer need not be fancy; you can even utilize whatever related clipart your personal computer has. Place your contact details in it and finish it off with a catchy phrase that announces your service.

Then have it reproduced by a local printer if you want to give away a good number of flyers. If not, you can simply print it out on your computer printer or have it photocopied.  Then drop them off door to door in your neighborhood, nearby communities, establishments that have yards or open spaces, even your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. You can even make a simple website to promote your own grass cutting service. You can ask satisfied customers to give you a review of your services and you can post this in your website.

To make your rate competitive, do your research and get the prices of businesses providing the same service. You can try phoning your competitors in the guise of being a customer and ask them for a quote. Then set your price within the same range, making sure yours is not too low or too high.

When you get a call from a potential customer, get their preferred time for you to come and how often they wish you to cut their grass.  Use a planner to jot down your appointments so you won’t miss any of them.  If you find you are suddenly unable to turn up for your appointment, have the courtesy of calling your clients and asking for a new date that is convenient for them.  If bad weather is the cause, immediately call your customer and reschedule it.

The initial outlay for this kind of business is quite minimal that many of those who start their grass cutting service even use their own personal credit card to fund the business. The biggest investment would be your tools, because your need to have your own equipment. Have some spare parts ready in case of equipment breakdown. It is advisable also for you to use your own equipment when servicing a client even if they offer the use of their own equipment. That way you don’t get into trouble if you break their property.

Satisfied customers always become repeat customers; they may even refer you to their friends. When you become successful you might end up swamped with calls demanding for your service. At this point you might consider expanding your business by hiring some people to help you.

A grass cutting business can thrive even without a formal office in a commercial building. You can set up your office at home in a spare bedroom, or in your garage or den.  Once your equipment is complete and you’ve done your marketing right, you are set for many years of making good money with your grass cutting service.

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