Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

People who do internet marketing know that a key factor in making money on the internet is for their websites or blogs to land at the top of search engines. Getting a high rank in search engine results drives a lot of traffic to your site, and if you continue to keep your top spot, you continue to get traffic without a lot of extra effort on your part.

Of the search engines found on the internet, Google is by far the most popular, followed by Yahoo and then MSN. Google may be the hardest engine to land a higher ranking, so why not try other search engines, those classified as second-tier engines, where you can rank faster and higher.

Gaining a top rank for high traffic keywords does not happen overnight; it takes a good amount of work and effort to achieve that goal. Select keywords that have relatively low competition. Do keyword research by using free keyword research tools online, where you can find keyword and traffic patterns for your chosen keywords.

Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

These patterns tell you the amount of searches performed on keywords in the major engines and give you a feel of their traffic patterns that lead to a higher rank. Here you can also find keyword variations or spin offs that might have not crossed your mind.

Think of search terms people are likely to use when they need to find a website like yours and incorporate them into your key phrases.  Go for longer key phrases instead of using just one or two words. For instance, if your website is all about losing weight, the phrase “how to lose weight” gets better results than just the keywords “weight loss”.

When you have chosen your keywords that you believe will rank highly, develop your site and enhance its potential to rank well in search engines by gathering links to your page so search engine spiders and visitors can move easily between links.

You can draw more links to your page by writing relevant articles about your site’s topic and attaching your links to these.  Then submit these articles to free article directories where it can be picked up by other websites, creating a one way link for your page. If you are always pressed for time or simply want to focus on marketing your site, consider the option of hiring freelance writers to do the writing for you so you can focus on your other tasks.

Explore social bookmark sites where you can get more quality links for your site.  You can write a blog about your site and link your blog to your site. You can also buy links but choose theme related links with good page ranking. The goal is simply to get your content to more places.

When you have successfully achieved a top rank in search engines using your selected targeted keywords, monetize your site by signing up for free with Google AdSense. With this program, you display their adverts on your own website and they pay you for doing advertising for them.

When you sign up with Google AdSense, you will be given an ad code that you place on your page.  For every click that their ads get from your site, Google AdSense pays you for it. Of course you can also try other places where you can make money with ‘pay per click’.

Another way to monetize your page is to do affiliate marketing.  Choose an affiliate program that is directly related to what your site is all about, and sign up with an affiliate program offering products or services relevant to your site’s topic. The link you place on your page will have your personal code embedded into it, allowing the affiliate company to trace to your site whatever clicks and visitors they get, and every sale they make.  You will be paid either for every click made on your site, or for every sale made through your links.

Build a solid website filled with relevant and useful information that people will find helpful and your site will slowly rise in ranking. The more value your website has, the higher the chances of it landing on the top rank of various search engines in the internet.  The nearer to the top of the results you are, the bigger the traffic you get, and that means more opportunities for you to make money with top search engine rankings.

A word of caution.  If you do something to trick search engines into indexing you faster and placing you higher on the results list, they will surely find out the deception and will automatically boot you out of their system.

Once you have learned the ins and outs of getting near the top of search engine rankings, you can apply the same method with your other sites.  Soon you will have a portfolio of successful websites that provide you with a consistent stream of income, and all your efforts to make money with top search engine ranking will have paid off.

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