Make Money With Restaurant Cards

There are countless food chains, coffee shops, and restaurants in any given area, some with big names that are found globally and have even become part of millions of people’s lives. There are also those that don’t hit the big market but have been doing fairly well with a good  number of loyal patrons.

And then there are those that most people even barely notice, restaurants that you might not have even realized was in your neighborhood whose offerings, once sampled, prove to be as good as or maybe even better than those big name restaurants.

So what do big restaurants have that small yet good restaurants do not?  Aggressive marketing. While food chains found all over the country or even in other continents benefit from their exposure on TV, radio, and/or newspapers that advertise their name and food to people of all ages and persuasions, the smaller restaurants found in one’s locality normally do not have the resources to do the same.

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These restaurants are more concerned about offering good food and service to satisfy their customers and hope to earn loyal patronage, counting on word of mouth to get more hungry clients. However, they can also benefit from a little bit of marketing to better promote their restaurants rather than wait for their customers to do that for them.

If you’re in search for ways to augment your salary or to create a source of income, you can help market these restaurants and make money with restaurant cards. Promoting these establishments with  restaurant cards requires little effort and is an easy-breezy way to make money on the side.

Make Money With Restaurant Cards

Restaurant cards are postcard-like pamphlets that promote the restaurant and what they have to offer.  To start making money with restaurant cards, first you visit a few good restaurants in your area that need your services and sell to them the idea of distributing restaurant cards.  If they sign on to your marketing idea, they will pay you for coming up with the cards and distributing it to as many people as possible.

You can first use a fictional restaurant in your sample card just to have something to show to your prospective client. If the restaurant is interested in your offer, get the basic information like the food that they offer, the location of the store, and the opening and closing time and days.

The restaurant card will encourage people to visit the restaurant and take advantage of its delicious offerings and whatever deals they currently have. The patrons will have to bring and present the card to the restaurant to be able to enjoy the deals or promos they came for.

Distributing restaurant cards especially of new establishments is actually appreciated by people who may not know of its existence yet and are willing to try it.  Getting hold of a card gives them information about a new place to eat, especially the kind of food they offer.  That takes the guess work out and makes people more inclined to try a new restaurant.

You will need to distribute these cards door to door, to your friends, family, colleagues, and at many places such as workplaces, salons, boutiques, supermarkets, and others that are frequented by a lot of people. Handing out these cards in places near the restaurant’s location is also beneficial as people appreciate eating in a restaurant that is just a short drive or within walking distance from their office or apartment.

You can even hire someone to do the distribution for you, ensuring that the person is trustworthy to actually do and finish the job.  It is best to distribute the cards down to the last piece.

You need to make these restaurant cards yourself, and make it as appealing as possible. Use your creativity and flair to design an attractive restaurant card that features the restaurant’s name and maybe even a picture of it.  Choose a local printer that can print the cards for you at a good price.  Or you can strike a deal with the printer by advertising them on the card in exchange for a lower price or an exchange deal.

To make the card more appealing, you can feature certain promos and discounts that the restaurant offers, say a 10% discount on the next round of beverage or a free dessert for every order of the main course or house specialty. All patrons need to do is bring the card with them so they can avail these. You can also feature in the card the latest addition to the restaurant’s menu to entice more people to try their newest offering.

It is important to have a postcard-material for the restaurant cards because it`s harder and easier to keep than an ordinary sheet of paper used in flyers and pamphlets.  Those who receive it will tend to keep it over a crumply piece of paper.

If you are serving more than one restaurant, see to it that the restaurant cards don`t look exactly like each other or you`ll confuse the people who get these cards. Also, you won`t please your clients knowing that their cards look like the cards of a potentially rival restaurant. Using the distinct signage of each restaurant or even the façade of the establishment on the restaurant card can help set each restaurant apart.

Making money with restaurant cards is simple. So the next time you see a new restaurant opening in your town, don`t hesitate to approach the owner or manager and offer your restaurant card service.

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