Make Money With Multiple Automated Content Blogs

Everybody knows you can make money with blogging. With the internet accessible to everyone who has a computer, anyone can make a blog and make money with the traffic it generates. But numbers count in this game. If you have one blog that makes you, say, $100 a month, that’s only a limited amount of earnings.  But if you have, say, 10 blogs, the $1000 it gives you every month is a decent amount.

It goes without saying that to maintain several blogs you would need to give their maintenance your full commitment, otherwise your blogs will not turn out to be the money-making machine you expect them to be. Like any undertaking, giving it your full attention and putting in earnest time and effort will get you closer to what you want to achieve.

But how can you keep all your blogs in tiptop shape and still have the time to do other things you want and need to do? If you find yourself at your computer writing content all day, day in and day out, to ensure your site has regular fresh content, you run the risk of looking at it as a chore.

Here is where automated content blogs come in.  Using multiple automated content blogs is simple and will help you to make more money, but it also entails consistent hard work and patience.  You need to apply your skills in internet marketing, conduct research on current trends, and utilize your organizing skills.

First you need to create a blog; to enable you to develop a great blog, you need to create one blog at a time.  Pay for a domain name and web hosting services for your blog.  Then fill it with interesting and informative content that will attract traffic. You need to write your content in a simple, straightforward style to make it easy and engaging to read.

Invest time and effort to establish your first blog until it gets considerable traffic that gives you a regular income.  When you are confident your blog can hold and continue to pull in traffic, you can start working on your next blog.  Do the same process all over again, putting in the same amount of effort and attention to each blog, until you have reached a certain number of blogs you are comfortable with.

Make Money With Multiple Automated Content Blogs

Now each of your blogs should be able to sustain themselves after some time, churning out money for all the efforts you put in.  But to enable them to continue making money for you, all of them still need to be regularly updated with fresh content to keep readers coming back and earn a high ranking on the search engines.  It would a gargantuan task for you to make all the content for all your blogs.

The solution to this is making automated content blogs. First, make relevant and interesting content to place in your website. Then upload your site to the internet with automated publishing, using a web design software with FTP features that allow you to do that with a click of a button.

It pays to ensure the website building software you use has a scheduling feature, publishing your content on a schedule you determine for your site. You can write several articles in one or two sittings and set up your web design software to publish them on your specified schedule to ensure your blogs regularly get fresh content.

Some bloggers write a bunch of articles for their blogs in one sitting and automate the content for the rest of the week or the month, giving them more time to enjoy other pursuits. Imagine having loads of content ready for placement in your site, and scheduling them for automated publishing every week for a number of months.  That’s a great load off your shoulders, and you get to have more time for yourself, your family, your hobbies, and – if you’re the workaholic – your other blogs.

But if you have many blogs, that means you need to churn out a lot of articles, and the best way to get that is to hire writers to write content for you. When you and your writers create content, make sure you do your homework by doing research first to get fresh, insightful data to use in the articles.

Your topics should be informative and useful to your target readers, so they continue to come back to your site for more. Incorporate keywords significant to your blog’s topic to increase your search engine ranking.  Never take your content for granted, as it is like the soul of your website.

To monetize your blogs, you can opt to place ads on your blog page through programs like Bidvertiser. Make sure the ads are relevant to your blog topic otherwise you will not get any click throughs. You can also explore affiliate programs such as Shareasale, Commission Junction, or Clickbank, where you can promote their products or services and you get paid for every successful referral you make.

Market your blogs to create more traffic to them, by joining blogging networks, doing guest blogging, submitting articles to article directories, and joining social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and others where you can promote your blogs.

Making money with multiple automated content blogs is real and easy once you get the hang of it.  If you started blogging as a hobby, now is the time to look at it as a business.  Only a few are lucky enough to have just one blog that gives them a decent income. But with multiple automated content blogs, you are assured of a higher income compared to the earnings of just maintaining one blog.

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