Make Money With A Pickup Truck

Do you want to make money with a pickup truck? It’s very easy. Read on to find out how.

If you have an old pickup truck lying around your garage waiting to be used, then you can use it for something worthwhile and profitable at the same time.  Instead of using it only when you go fishing or camping, or taking a hike in the woods, why not use it to make money.

Turn your spare time and idle weekends into something productive and start your own little business with your pickup truck. It’s very simple. Use the vehicle to bring somebody else’s things from point A to point B and you get paid.  Read these easy-to-follow steps and tips so you can get started making money with your pickup truck:

  1. Make sure your pickup truck is in good condition no matter how long you’ve had it in your care. This is your only tool of the trade so you have to put your heart into caring for it. Do some repairs or try visiting the nearest repair shop to have it checked by a pro. Also, make sure that it looks good so you can be confident in showing your truck to your clients.
  2. Organize your costing and expenses in running this business so you will also know your service rate. These include your fuel, maintenance fee, manpower, your time, etc. You don’t want to do business without making profit so make sure you add all your expenses in – including your mark up.
  3. You can opt to set a flat rate for every job within a specified area or distance. You can add additional charges for every mile that you run if it goes beyond the boundaries of your flat rate.  Check the standard service rates of other similar service providers, and come up with your own that is competitive to the going rates.

To make money with a pickup truck, you also have to be guided with simple strategies on how to market your business.

Make Money With A Pickup Truck

  1. Paint signage on both sides of your truck so you can get your “message” about your service across, as well as your contact number.  If possible and if you are creative enough, you can also add a tagline because this will catch the attention of people.
  2. Distribute leaflets in your neighborhood and post a flyer about your services on your community billboard. Your neighbors will be happy to know they can find someone if they need the services your offer.
  3. Tell your family and friends about your new business because aside from your neighbors, those in your immediate circle are also possible clients you can invite to avail of your service.
  4. Set up a website where you can put all the needed information plus a section where your previous clients can leave their feedbacks.  This can be used as references for future clients.  Good feedback can build your credibility and that could certainly mean more clients and more money for you to make.
  5. Offer consistent quality service so you can be assured of loyalty from your customers.  They will be happy to spread the word around about your good service.

Now that you have ideas to how to make money with a pickup truck by the simple start-up steps and marketing guidelines, look at the list of possible services you can offer with your dependable vehicle.

  1. Delivery of gravel, big appliances for repair, newly bought furniture from the shop to your friend’s house, or even furniture of those transferring from one house to another.
  2. Transporting someone’s junk or other discarded stuff to the community dump site. Here, you can even get a few more dollars by being keen enough to look for “recyclable” junk like appliances and furniture. So instead of heading towards the dump site, you might consider taking a detour to the nearest junk shop to trade in these useful scraps.
  3. Transporting garage sale purchases. People who are fond of buying from garage sale don’t necessarily have their own truck to bring home their purchases so here’s where you can come in.  Offer your transportation at a reasonable cost (remember: these are people who look for stuff at a cheaper price so they would appreciate availing of a transportation service at a reasonable price also).

You can still offer your services to others to earn extra cash on the side even if you already have a full time job, by doing this on weekends and holidays.  If you don’t have a day job, this could be a full-time business that you can explore.

If you think about it, you don’t only benefit from this business by making money with your pickup truck; you are also helping other people who are unable to move their stuff on their own.

Are you making money with your pickup truck or thinking about doing so? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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