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If taking online surveys and getting paid for it doesn’t sound legitimate to you, think again.  There is money to be earned from giving your time to answer online surveys.  In fact, many people already make money doing this, and some are reportedly making a decent income to support their living expenses.

What is probably not true about online surveys however is that they will make you rich enough to quit your day job and live a luxurious lifestyle without having to work. Taking online surveys is something you will want to do in your spare time; something productive that you can do during down time that will earn you extra income to cover your bills, or give you spending money, or even an extra vacation.

The cool thing about earning through paid online surveys is that practically anyone can do it. It’s as simple as signing up with the right survey companies, checking your email for survey invitations, choosing which survey you want to take, and doing it.  From there, you start earning money for each one you take.

If you’re still skeptical and ask why companies would pay you for your opinion, the answer is this. Regardless of who you are, what your background is, and where you live, as a person, you are a consumer.  And it is your opinion as a consumer that these companies want.

Large international companies are constantly trying to find out what products or services consumers need and want, and they spend billions of dollars on market research to give them the answers they are looking for.

They rely on this research to tell them what consumers think of their existing products or business and what type of products consumers think they would need in the future. It also gives the companies information on the buying habits and preferences of people.

Have you ever received a call from a telemarketer at any time of the day, sometimes at the most inconvenient time that you wish they would not call you at all? Well, those telemarketers were trying to get your opinion as a consumer. Many large corporations have shifted from telemarketing because they realize they cannot get your time, feedback and opinion for free.

The most popular way to get the information they want is to do an online survey to connect directly with consumers and get firsthand the information they want. It’s faster, easier, and less expensive for their business.

Now there are a lot of marketing firms that gather market data for companies, using the power of the internet to gather direct consumer feedback through paid online surveys.  Making money taking online surveys has now become one of the most popular online money-making activities on the Internet.

make money online surveys

Compared to other ways of making money online, taking paid surveys comes out as one of the easiest to do because you don’t need above average computer skills to do it.  You don’t need to maintain a website or webpage, and you do not need to blog about it.

There is no product to sell, no inventory and shipping to worry about, no initial cash outlay, no overhead, and practically no financial risk. It’s a no-pressure, do-it-anytime undertaking that lets you decide when and where to do it.

First you need to sign up with survey companies who will ask you for personal information to help them determine what types of survey will work best with your profile. Then the companies you chose will notify you by email and give you a link to participate in an online survey.    You will be told all the details including how long the survey will take as well as the payment you will get.

Although you may answer the surveys sent to you any time you want, it is best to fill them in not too long after you get them, as some survey companies only need a certain number of respondents and they normally send it out to more than what they need.

It would be wise for you to create a separate email account dedicated for your online paid survey invitations to go to.  This would be easier to see and track down as the survey emails won’t be mixed with your personal emails.

The marketing site will pay you either in points that can be cashed out, incentives such as gift cards, or in cash. If you want only cash payments, then find out if the company pays in that form when you choose the site to sign up with.

The amount paid for each survey varies depending on the sites, location, and the amount of time the survey entails. Some sites pay a range between $4 to $50, but it would be safer to bet that most of them will pay in the lower range.

The marketing firms will either send you a check or deposit their payment into your PayPal account. You need to find out their minimum cash out balance and how long it takes for them to process the payment.

And speaking of payments, never pay to join any survey site. Chances are it is a scam and is out to get your money. Legitimate online survey companies do not ask you to fork out cash to sign up with them.  You should be the one who’s making money when their surveys are filled out.

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