Make Money Online with Twitter

If you are one of the people who scratch their head at this idea, you’re not alone. Millions of people see the 140 character limit of Twitter text box and throw up their hands, thinking that it will not benefit them to use it. But there are thousands of people who have discovered several ways to make money online with Twitter; this article will review the details of one of the easiest methods that have also been one of the most successful.

make money with twitter

A Goldmine in 140 Characters

To successfully make money online with Twitter, you have to focus on the content of your communication. Utilize the brevity of Twitter messages to your advantage.

Because of Twitter’s character count limit, there is a set of “shortcodes” that have been developed to help you send chunks of information with just one symbol. The Hash Tag (“#”) is probably the most famous. You have probably seen messages like this one:

“Mayor makes June 2nd “Local Kids Day. #local #news”

Many times people use the hash tag as part of their message:

“LOL, I think #trending needs a reality check!”

The hash tag and the word used with it will lead the reader to more information. This is just one example of how you can leverage your content on Twitter to a variety of purposes.

The 5th Tweet Contest Method

Here’s an easy way to prove to yourself that you can indeed make money online with Twitter, based on a method that has been proven to work for decades…and is still working today.

Radio stations promote products successfully using the “be the 10th caller” contest format. You can run your own contest using Tweets and gain traffic to your website or blog every week. The prize can be a free product, coupon or an hour of service/consultation. People like contests because they’re fun: everyone likes to be a winner. Twitter gives you an easy way to engage your followers with valuable information along with the people who are following them.

How the 5th Tweet Contest Works

The idea is to make money online with Twitter and that means you need to have some insight into your followers. Do you know if any of your followers have actually visited your website? This is why it’s important to review your website and be sure your products/services fit their lifestyle.

Learn what your followers are looking for then tweak your website information with the keyword phrases that they relate to. As you tweak your website in preparation for your contest, make sure your navigation is simple to follow and that your web host server can handle a lot of traffic to your website. The last thing you need is for your website to crash because of high traffic.

Get Your Twitter Contest Ready for Showtime

Organize a tracking method to gather the results of your scheduled weekly contest. This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of any advertising and marketing campaign. Select the day and time that will work for you best for the long-term; after a few weeks people will start to look forward to your contest so it’s to your benefit to be consistent.

When you have your tracking and schedule in place, tweet your followers with an invitation to your website and ask them to tweet the link of the product or service that they would like to win. You can set a pre-defined time for the tweets and the person who sends out the 5th tweet wins the prize that they selected.

How to Track Your Tweets

Don’t be caught off-guard by thinking this is way-too simple and nobody will participate. Remember: everyone likes to win. It doesn’t matter what the prize may be, it’s the idea that they were the best in the competition that matters.

Setting up your tweet schedule and tracking system is easy using Twitter’s app for gaining insight into your audience called “TweetDeck.” From the moment your Twitter followers begin to send their tweets, you have to begin counting, when the 10th tweet is sent, you have your winner and the contest ends for the week. Announce the winner and their prize along with a big “thank you” to everyone who took part in the contest. Include a reminder of the date and time for the next contest.

Leverage Your Contest Results

It’s best to immediately contact the winner directly following the announcement. Use Twitter’s direct message feature to deliver the good news, and at the same time request the information required to send their prize to them. This should include the email address so you can confirm the shipping and receipt of the prize and send a follow up survey.

Along with tracking the number of visitors to your website, each contest winner should be dedicated to a special mailing list. When you send the prize, an email to the winner that thanks them for taking part in your Twitter contest reinforces your website identity in their mind. Include a link to a confirmation page that makes it easy for them to let you know they received it.

The follow-up email in response to their confirmation, gives you the opportunity to get their feedback on what they received for example; do they like the color, does it work as expected and how could the product be improved.


Be prepared for a slow response in the first few weeks of running your contest; you may not get more than a few people to participate, you can expect low numbers and that’s why it’s a good idea to start with a low number to win the prize.

Remember, that the people who take part in the contest are “re-tweeting” your link; in a few weeks your numbers will have grown and then you can “up the ante” with a “be the 10th Tweet” format. It’s consistency that can may or break your success in using this method to make money online with Twitter.

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