Make money online with Q&A sites

How can I make money with a Q&A website?

I recently got a question asking how to make money with “question and answer” websites from one of my readers. For those of you that do not know what a Q&A website is then I can give you some examples:, and They are all pretty different from each other, but they fulfill the same purpose. A Q&A website is a place where everyone can ask questions and get answers from either other members of the site or from hired/paid experts in the field. It’s kind of like a forum and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page mixed together.

Now back to the question, how can you make money with a Q&A website? I assume this question is more about setting up your own Q&A website and monetizing it rather than using others websites to make money online from. So I wrote this little “guide” on how I would set up/run my questions and answers website to make the most money from it.

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1. Find an unsaturated Q&A niche.

As of today there are a lot of Q&A websites and as always when there are too many of one type of website the market gets saturated. When you’re starting up a Q&A you need to find a niche. Having a too general Q&A website will be hard to get going and profiting from. When selecting a niche to focus on you do not only lower the competition, but you also have the chance of creating a place on the Internet for everyone within that niche to go to with their questions.

The niche you choose should not have any other successful Q&A website already. If it does you will need to work extra hard to beat your competition. Niches that are usually very saturated are: Golf, making money online/Internet marketing, clothes and makeup. Try to avoid them if you don’t have solid plan on how to out-beat them.

2. Choosing a language.

Most Q&A websites are in English. If you can speak another language than English well then you should easily be able to get past most of the saturated niches. Since I’m from Sweden I could easily set up a Q&A website here that would most likely be the only one in my country, meaning that I have entered an unsaturated market with about 9 million potential members of my website. So just changing to another language can make a whole lot of difference for you in terms of succeeding and making money from your website.

3. Finding a Q&Q platform.

There are plenty of free and paid Q&A templates/themes out there. One of them is an open-source project called “OSQA” which is very famous. However if you’re used to WordPress you might want to have your Q&A website running on the WordPress platform to be able to use plugins and so on. Luckily for you there are plenty of WordPress Q&A themes, some of the best are:’s answer theme,’s QnA theme and wp-answers.

Be sure to try them all out and ask the support if you have any questions. All themes should be updated frequently and work properly. Some of them also has bonus features that can be great for getting your website started.

Make money online with Q&A sites

4. Getting members.


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