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Operating an Internet business is all about giving people what people want. The technology behind the Internet continues to evolve, presenting new opportunities to succeed. Over the past few years, the evolution has been based on increased interaction between people and the websites they visit. There are many sites that have pioneered this shift that are focused on content sharing; Pinterest is the latest service to come to the fore, capturing the imagination of Internet users.

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make money with pinterest

Pinterest? Never Heard of It

That’s not surprising considering the fact that this is a relatively new website and participation in the website is via invitation only. Pinterest is the new spin on how people like to socialize, promote their interests, products and services. Because it’s new a lot of people are just beginning to discover its potential, but by all accounts, Pinterest is headed for the same level of fame as Facebook.

For everyone who wished that they had tapped into Facebook when it first began, here is your opportunity to do just that. Pinterest is becoming wildly popular making this a great time to explore the potential of this service to promote your business.

But let’s face it, for many the established websites such as Facebook and Twitter have lost their charm. So what’s next? Understanding how Pinterest works is important: it doesn’t work quite the same as other social networks. Here’s some tips to make money online with Pinterest right now.

How Pinterest Works Differently than Facebook and Twitter

The first thing that makes Pinterest different is the “Invite” requirement: a current member must invite you to join. That creates a bit of status to the Pinterest circle and you can request an invite right on the home page. There are also many Facebook pages that offer Pinterest invites to their “friends.”

The second thing you will notice about the Pinterest website is that its primary focus is on images that reflect a certain topic of interest. The design is much like a bulletin board, but more organized to be visually appealing. Along with the images that are “pinned” to the board are tags, comments and blog posts that relate to the images.

When a person adds or “pins” either an image or video on the website, it’s automatically displayed in the category selected. Here is the perfect way to show a photo of your product in all its glory for the world to see. There are videos as well which gives you another way to engage your audience. Pinterest takes the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and brings it to life.

First Steps to Make Money with Pinterest

No matter where the trail begins, eventually a person will visit your website or blog. Now that you have had a chance to get a feel for the approach, the next step is to decide if what you have to offer will be a good match for the Pinterest membership.

If you can visually communicate what you are offering, then the next thing to do is to work on your images and think about your descriptions. Keep in mind that you want to appeal to the members of this social site; it’s not a newspaper, so keep your wording conversational and friendly. In other words imagine that you are telling a friend about a discovery you made and use the same phrasing.

If you starting a brand new venture and you do not have a website or blog at this moment, this would be a good time to create a WordPress site to showcase your product/service. With your images and descriptions ready, now you need to create content that is related to your product or service. Choose a theme that has wide sidebars and footer area widgets to hold you advertising. You should also open a Google AdSense account; it’s free and can help drive traffic to your website as well as provide useful links for your visitors.

While you are waiting for your invite, you can access the Pinterest popularity wave through different WordPress plug-ins that connect you to the protocol that Pinterest uses.

Connecting to Pinterest

Currently there are several non-commercial plug-ins that will work for you before and after you receive your Pinterest invite. The first one that makes all of your work done previously on your images pay off is the “Pinterest Pin It Button.” This highly rated yet easy to use plug-in does exactly what it states: it gives you the ability to output a Pinterest “Pin It” button via a “shortcode.” By using this plug-in to add this Pinterest code to you images, you give your visitors a way to “pin” the images of your product or service to their Pinterest boards.

Another way to leverage your content to Pinterest members is by using the “Pinterest Pinboard Widget” that uses the original thumbnails from Pinterest and is a great way to attract interest on your sidebar. To make your Pinterest images more appealing with “Pretty Pinterest Pins.” Using this in conjunction with your AdSense banners (Keep them small and use the text/image format) along with your content will provide your visitors a variety of ways to interact with your website.

Making the Most of Your Pinterest Invite

When you receive your invite, be sure to respond promptly by visiting the website and completing your account profile. The most important thing to do at this point is to decide what you are going to use your Pinterest account for; creating backlinks, affiliate marketing or driving traffic directly to your website. Your decision will determine the boards that you make for your pinned interests. If you are selling products related to cats, your boards could be related to the different breeds and then your pins will provide the details.


Not everyone will receive an invite to join Pinterest; however you can still make money online with Pinterest by attracting members who promote your Pinterest-ready product images on their boards.

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