Make Money Online with Facebook – How can I make money from Facebook ?

As you know, making money online requires a few things; first, what you offer on your website has to be in demand, in other words, people have to want or need what you are selling, second, you need a lot of traffic and third, you need a way to deliver and thank your customers! If you are serious about this goal, you can make money online with Facebook by following the guidelines provided here.

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Why Choose Facebook as Your Sales Vehicle?

Facebook is the most popular social website with more than 500 million (that’s 500,000,000) ACTIVE users, meaning that these individual visit their page daily. Plus they have an average of 50 friends and visit their pages too. What does that mean for you? It takes care of the biggest chunk of work – getting people to your offer. This is the traffic that you need to make sales.

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make money with facebook

And where do you place your offer for all of these fantastic active users? On a Facebook Page that you create of course. Ideally this should be an extension of your website or blog; however it can be a stand-alone page as well. It doesn’t matter if you are selling your favorite cookies, promoting a lawn-mowing service, affiliate products or operating a full-fledged online store with multiple products, creating this page is the key to how to make money online with Facebook.

Creating Your Own Facebook Page: the DIY Approach

First you will need to organize what you have to offer. To make money online with Facebook, you have to set up your page according to their space requirements. That relates directly to what you have to offer; more than likely your images will need to be resized.

For creating the actual Facebook page there are several ways you can go if you want to keep this project totally DIY. The popularity of Facebook has created a web design niche that incorporates all of the Facebook code particulars, so you don’t have to worry about them.

A word of warning: If you choose the DIY route, make sure you do your homework on the current Facebook standards and requirements for creating pages. Sorry to report that there are many websites still offering Facebook page templates built to outdated standards to unwitting customers.

The current Facebook pages are being built on a format called an “I-Frame.” Not to go geeky on you but you have to be familiar with the terms if you want to successfully build your own Facebook page. When sourcing out a Facebook page template, you want to be sure that it’s compatible with this format.

The other thing you want to consider is your offer itself. Facebook tickles the fancy of visually oriented and text oriented users, so getting the right imagery for your offer is really important. For instance if you are selling shoes for women, what’s the image of the woman who wears them? Is she all-business, a punk rocker, or a fashion diva? Your Facebook page design needs to capture your buyer’s interest.

Here is where your content and search engine optimization come into play. The number of words on a Facebook page is limited, so you have to be sure to make every phrase work for the reader and the search engines. Using Google’s Keyword Tool is a great way to get the best phrases to use in relationship to your offer. Descriptive they must be, but they have to also be relevant.

At this point you should have a good idea that this project will require at least 1 day to pull together. You should also keep in mind that you will need to place code snippets from Facebook into the coding for your website or blog to make your Facebook page an integral part of your Internet presence.

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Strategies that Make Money Online with Facebook

After you capture their interest, what else do you have to offer them? A limited-time offer, perhaps? After your visitor has seen all of your great stuff and wants to get some of these things for themselves, how will they do that?

There are two ways of working the transaction end of the Facebook page: (1) directly from the Facebook page or (2) via a link to your payment page on your website or blog. They both have their advantages and for those ambitious enough to see which one works better: there are plenty of tracking scripts that will help you create stats from testing both ways of completing the sale.

If all of this is beginning to sound a bit too complicated, not to worry, there is plenty of help available from forums to FAQ sections about this subject. On the downside, DIY is time-consuming and if you are really not comfortable with tech talk, save yourself the grief and outsource your project.

Creating Your Own Facebook Page: the Outsourcing Approach

Outsourcing your Facebook Page project to an independent web designer with experience in this niche is fairly simple to do. There are more than a dozen freelancer agencies now and you can set your budget for the work.

The advantages of taking this route is that you can outline all of the requirements stated above and request to see live examples of Facebook pages that the designer has created before. This way you can review the work and be sure it matches what you want for your own Facebook page.

You definitely can make money online with Facebook, all you need is a great design that reflects your buyer’s interest, delivers the right message and has a secure payment method in place. For support you need analytics and customer service to handle buyers’ questions.


This is just an overview to successfully tackling the question of how to make money online with Facebook. Creating your page with everything to boost your search engine ranking takes time to generate the amount of sales that you have set as your financial goal. Hope this post answer for question : How can I make money from Facebook

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