Make Money In Freelance Graphic, Web & Brochure Design

If you have the skills to make graphic, web or brochure designs, use them to bring you extra money on the side, or turn them into a real business.

Graphic designing might be your hobby, something you enjoy on your free time.  But if you have the eye for it, the taste for it, and find yourself having free-flowing ideas on it, why not turn into a money-making venture?

It is a no-brainer that almost all companies and businesses these days have made themselves known on the Web, and they do that with their own websites or with brochures.  If you have the talent to design, the Web is the surefire place to go to make some money.  You can design for those who need brochures or want their websites created, or those who want to relaunch, redesign or improve their existing websites.

But before you go out and look for clients, you need to take stock of your skills. In this kind of business, it pays to know yourself and your talents first before you go out and advertise yourself in search for clients.

Whether its graphic design, web design or brochure design, having a good grasp of who you are and what you can do on your specific field of expertise is important.  If your competency covers all three areas of design, that’s good news for you.  This will help you identify the types of client you will approach to offer your services to. Likewise, those looking for design services will easily know you are what they are looking for.

As a freelance web designer you need to have an identity, something that sets you apart from the pack.  You can do it under your official name or you can have it under a business name.  Having the word “designs” or “media’ on your business name gives people an idea of the type of business or service you offer and makes it easily remembered.  Think of several good names and check what would be accepted or available for domain registration.

Marketing yourself would come easy if you believe in your skills, you know your business by heart, and you can clearly see the benefits your business will bring to your clients.

Make Money In Freelance Graphic, Web & Brochure Design

One way to market your business is by handing out good quality business cards.  Have the important information printed on it – your company name, business logo, your name, contact numbers, e-mail address, and your website address.

You can hand them to potential clients you meet, introducing yourself and giving them a bird’s eye view of what you can do for their business. When they follow up your self-introduction with questions, give them answers that are as detailed as possible.

Underscore how your services are an advantage to them. You can also ask your friends and relatives for information on people who need a website done, and they can also help you hand out your business cards.

Probably the most important marketing tool is your own website on your web design company.  How your own website looks, its design and layout, will speak loudly of what you can deliver.  So, put your best in designing an impressive home website to show to the world how skillful and creative you are.

Having your own website also helps you market your services locally, country-wide or world-wide.  This is where you post pertinent information about your business, such as  the specifics services of your company and corresponding rates, the projects you have done (a portfolio), and your contact details.  General terms of contracts and options for payment may also be placed in this section.  Have as much details= as possible, and have it easy to read and friendly to navigate.

Your portfolio, or a compilation of the work you have done, is another effective tool that will attract clients to your business. Like composing a resumè for the first time, putting together a portfolio also takes time and effort.

If you are a beginner and need to build a portfolio from scratch, give your website designing services for free to a select group of friends, artists, musicians, businessmen, writers and others who can help build up your portfolio fast.  They might need your services in the future and this time you can charge them a fee.

When your clients come, and they surely will, be prepared to have everything in writing and have a policy to hand a 25% to 50% deposit before starting to work on the project.  If the client accepts this term, that will tell you you‘re dealing with a reputable company.

So now that you have basic information on how to make money in freelance graphic design, web and brochure design, you can expand your preparation by doing more research to find answers to all your questions about this business.

This can be a profitable business that can be done in the comfort of your home, whether part-time or full time.  It’s very flexible and best of all, it’s something you love to do.

Are you making money in freelance web, graphic, or brochuer design? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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