Make Money Doing Odd Jobs for People

Have you run out of ideas on how to earn extra money? Or are you a student who wants to make some money on idle weekends or during summer? Well, you don’t need to have that many skills to earn cash because you can do that doing odd jobs for people.

Yes, that’s right, you can make money off the odd jobs that everyone does on a daily basis. Most people tend to have very little time to attend to some chores or errands, and others may find themselves unable to do regular tasks like they used to. So here’s where you come in to their lives.

Where to start? Your own neighborhood of course! People you already know or that are at least familiar with you as they will be easier to convince to let you do odd jobs for them.  Later on you can expand your area of coverage through referrals from your former customers who can recommend you to their family and friends.  It’s a ripple effect that can result in more income for you, as long as you are trustworthy and do your job well.

Obviously you need to have time to do the jobs you will be taking on from other people. It is important that you balance all the responsibilities with the odd jobs that you will be taking up, making sure that they will not get in the way of each other. Schedule your own chores before accepting someone else’s chores.

Keep tabs of all the jobs you need to do every day, especially if you are taking on tasks from more than one or two clients a day. Always allot ample time for each task so you won’t have to hurry to finish one task to get on to the next. Some of the tasks may be light, but it doesn’t mean you should not take them seriously. Remember it is still a job and someone is paying you to do it well.

Many of the tasks will be unchallenging, so you do run the risk of getting bored doing them and feeling things are dragging on. Have your fill of drive and determination to get going so you will still appear professional and enthusiastic doing the tasks assigned to you.

Finish the job on schedule and do it right.

Make sure your clients are always satisfied with the results of your work. Word-of-mouth is so powerful it can easily make or break your efforts to make money doing odd jobs for others.

Make an inventory of your skills and things you know how to do, and rate them according to the level of your capability to execute each job. If you get more clients in one or two particular services that you rate high as far as skills are concerned, and you feel these services are more frequently needed than the others, then you can focus on those “priority services” and let go of the others.

Make Money Doing Odd Jobs for People

If you’re stumped about what kind of odd jobs you can do for others, here’s a list of some of them:

  1. buying groceries at the supermarket
  2. taking laundry to the Laundromat
  3. cleaning the house/room
  4. mowing the lawn
  5. simple plumbing
  6. doing hair-and-make up for someone going to a special occasion
  7. painting a wall or a part of a house
  8. giving tutorial lessons
  9. helping kids with their homework
  10. cleaning cars
  11. driving someone to a specified destination
  12. doing household chores
  13. baby-sitting or care giving

Keep a record of your clients’ names, addresses, and the jobs that you have done for them.

Later on, you can ask them to give a feedback on your service, which you can use as references for future clients.  Give receipts after receiving payment if you can. Like your contract, receipts will become handy later whenever a misunderstanding occurs. This adds positive points to your business from the point of view of the clients.

Make a short contract so you and your client will agree on the boundaries of your work. This will give your client the idea that you’re serious about your business. Likewise, it will also save you from disputes out of misunderstandings later on.

You can start getting clients by asking your friends, relatives, and acquaintances if they have any odd jobs that need to be done. The circle of people closest to you are your first clients. They can also help you advertise your services.  Print out and distribute flyers, indicating what you can do and emphasizing why your clients need to get your service.  Set a rate or leave it as negotiable, and give occasional discounts to loyal clients.

Knock on doors and introduce yourself in a polite and respectful manner.  Most people will be kind enough to listen to you and will appreciate your effort of going door-to-door to introduce yourself and your services. Do not hard sell or push people to take your service.

You can put up your own website advertising your services if you want.  Feature feedbacks of your customers raving about the services you rendered to them.

Once you have established a solid customer base, ask your loyal clients to spread the word to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. People trust the word of someone they know better than any form of advertising out there.  Soon you will find you have regular clients who become your source of a steady stream of income for the months or years to come.

Are you making money doing odd jobs or thinking about doing so? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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