Make Money By Recycling

Everybody knows recycling is important, but do people really go out of their way to dispose of their recyclables properly? A lot don’t.  Some may say it’s because they have to go out of their way to do it, or that they simply do not have the time, or there aren’t really any direct returns for their effort.

You may not realize it but recycling is not only a good way to reduce waste, it’s also a simple way for you to make some money.  The recycling business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and that is simply from the business of recycling electronics, cans, paper, bottles and other usual recyclables.  The great thing about it is that not only can you make money recycling; you also help save the environment.

Granted you won’t single-handedly become rich from your recycling efforts, but think of how you can contribute to taking care of the environment and you might just get the motivation to do your share of recycling if you can get some cash out of it. Moreover, think of all that unwanted junk lying around your house that you can dispose of properly and get a chunk of change in return.  Replicate the effort with members of your family and friends, and the multiplier effect all adds up to more dollars for you.

Make Money By Recycling

But what can you recycle for money?

You’ll be surprised at the vast range of items you can recycle for some cash.  If you’re like the average gadget-conscious person, chances are there are several used cell phones or old computers lying around your place, discarded in favor of the latest and most popular models in the market.

Turn in your old cell phones to companies that pay you for it.  They recoup the money they give you when they resell these phones to developing countries after they have refurbished them into good working condition.  If you want to sell your old but still working cell phones yourself, you can do so at online marketplaces like eBay.

There are companies that will accept other old electronic items and accessories and pay cash for them.  They normally refurbish these for reselling or simply recycle them.  These items include old computers, laptops, used printer ink cartridges, calculators, games, copiers, camcorders, MP3 players, digital cameras, gaming devices, LCD monitors, camera lenses, projectors, PDAs, external drives, fax machines, evenDVD’s and CDs.

Obviously electronics are not the only things you can recycle for cash. A scrap dealer would be happy to take any of the following items off your hands: aluminum cans and other products with aluminum, cardboard, paper, glass containers, plastic bottles, used batteries, copper, items with stainless steel, iron, brass and lead like home decor items, plumbing materials, copper tubings, bed springs, gutters, door hinges and other fittings.

Other stuff that can be recycled for money may be just lying around your basement or languishing in your shed or garage.  It’s time to bring them out and make money out of them.  You can even ask your neighbors, family, and friends for their junk that has recycle value.  Many will be glad to have old stuff taken off their hands, especially when they won’t have the time or are not willing to spend energy to dispose these. Offer to pick up the items from their place to sweeten the deal.

Other items you can recycle for money are broken jewelry, old shoes and clothes, toys, furniture, appliances, sporting goods like used golf balls, cardboard, old tires, food packaging, even wine corks – the list is endless.  There are even entities that will pay you if you reduce your home energy use. Items with metal, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and lead content in them will also have interested buyers.

If you want to put a little more effort into making more money out of recycling, expand your search for more items to sell to the recycling center.  You’ll be amazed at what you will find even on the streets, especially on trash days when people put out on the street what may be garbage to them, like car batteries, pipes, sinks, copper tubing, and more.

Find out in your locality what day the pickup for bulk throwaways is, when people put out bigger things, like tires, lumber, gas stoves, and all sorts of junk that still have monetary value as far as recyclers are concerned.  If you go around the neighborhood early on curbside pick times, you will surely find all sorts of items just lined up waiting to be taken.  You can also visit yard sales and construction sites.

I you’re looking to sell scrap metal, it pays to put a little effort into collecting a bulk amount first before bringing it to the dealers.  The town dump can be one place for you to find scrap metal.  Another way is to contact people who work with items containing metals, such as plumbers who may have old plumbing parts they would have no more use for, like old boilers, air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters.

One way to make people let go of their junk fast – that is, junk that will have recycle value – is to offer to dispose these unwanted items for them.  Yet others may agree to let you take them for a nominal fee, if you are doing them the favor of getting rid of these unwanted things from them. They could be happy with your offer if they don’t have the time or energy to get rid of these anyway. That means you have the potential to earn both ways.

The old reliable way of getting your hands on items that you can recycle for money is through word of mouth.  Spread the word that you’ll accept items people do not want anymore.  There will always be those who have things they consider junk in their houses they’d be happy to be rid of.

Now that you’ve gotten into the habit of collecting recyclable items, you need a place to store it as the volume grows.  If you have a garage or a shed where you can store it, you’re in luck. If you simply do not have the space in your property, maybe a friend or a friend of a friend has a large backyard or property he wouldn’t mind renting to you for a small amount, or letting you use it for a share of your recycling profit.

Making money by recycling may not sound like something that will allow you to quit your day job. But there are some people out there who have made really good business with recycling. Give recycling for money a try and you’ll soon find yourself with extra cash on your hands.

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