Make money as travel writer

Have you ever travel the world and see what you wanted to make money to write about it as hard as you can imagine is not. Using a few underground techniques, you can make a world of travel writing about the flat in time to be doing a healthy income!

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Here are ways you can make money as a travel writer

travel writer

1) Traditional Method 1: Selling Your Stories To Travel magazines and newspapers.

The most common and most well known method. Ironically, it also pays the least of all methods.

When you get off on the two paths can sell your articles for a magazine. Before you query their interest in a particular subject can a magazine. If interested, they agreed to buy the article if it will meet your standards. The second method to write articles, then try and sell it.

Journals and magazines that buy travel stories, go to the library to check out the recent Writers Market and you have a dozen magazines anywhere from a few hundred bucks for an article on paying for a few thousand dollars would seem .

For the risky side is that there are no guarantees of payment, and you must either be a great story or a great way to make this work is the author. Not impossible, just difficult.

2) Writing for other people’s blogs.

400-1500 if you post a word on any subject can write a blog post at a set price you can sell to. Heres why: blog constantly need new content. It’s how they stay fresh with your readers and how they live rank well in search engines.

However, writing a new post every few days is a difficult task! If you own a blog to take on that task, you are saving them a ton of time and effort, with great prices are going to provide our readers, and a project that is relatively easy for you to to complete an income tax is.

Anywhere you can pay 20 bucks to get this type of writing for a few hundred dollars … And it’s a lot easier writing for a magazine.

Think about it: You spend a day writing articles and $ 5 to $ 30 each sell articles. Now a couple of hours of work for $ 150 dollars has been and everyone is happy.

3) Writing your own blog.

Another option to write your own blog and your travel stories to use to drive traffic to it. You get bored, lifeless people who live vicariously through someone traveling the world would be surprised at the number. You sell adspace or selling products related to your blog, your blog can monetize. The basic sounds, but many a passenger has made tens and even thousands of dollars per year is 100.

4) The “Project” blog writing projects to complete.

There are literally hundreds of writing projects Elance, Guru, DoMyStuff posted every single day, and other ‘project’ posting websites.

You have to do as a content provider a free account set up, the projects did not respond to requests for writing to people. Once you are, money will be electronically deposited into your bank account, and you can withdraw money from any ATM in the world. Then you can take a project … Or completed several projects all at once!

Many projects go for $ 1000 dollars, it do not take a lot of the well to be able to travel and visit often does not. You will also work on the plane ride to your next destination can!

If you have any writing skills, you take one of these methods and a well-paying passengers will be able to become.

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