Make $500 A Day Using YouTube

OK first off this IS 100% free so keep your money to yourself:)

READ THIS and find out exactly how to make between $200 and $500 a day with YouTube once you start to get momentum… for real!

Follow these steps and I promise you will succeed.


You are going to be making compelling and VERY attractive videos on YouTube that generate mass traffic and convert into piles of money…

You will need to focus on one specific niche to get the traffic and avoid too much competition.

OK so here we go…

make $500 a day using youtube


Step 1.

Find your niche!
Think about what you want to present to the public and do it!

Then once you have a couple ideas on what niche you want to focus on:
Go to Google – type in google “keywords search tool” or got to “” – signup
Go to Google – type in “youtube keywords tool” or go to –

Step 2.
Create your free You Tube Channel if you haven’t already – keep in mind your niche when creating your name.

Next you need a Google Account.

These two things go hand in hand really.

Step 3.
Once you’ve signed up to Google go to google alerts or type in or if in the UK

Create specific alert queries based on your niche and make sure to look for videos that aren’t already on Youtube.(although if its only the first or second one on that topic then you can go ahead and do it) I look for both videos and news articles to find the best stuff..
Also search for “as it happens.”



OK now that you have located the video that you want to put on YouTube you are ready to take that video and do what I like to call ‘reverse engineer’ it into your own version.

PLEASE NOTE: You have to work fast here in order to hit the money as the competition will be working on the same thing and you’d be surprised how quickly they produce a similar video…

Basically if you work fast you can get in the top 5 and that’s where the money is! If you haven’t done this before it will take you a few tries to get it down to a quick process so be patient once you’ve got this down pat you will be at the top.

Step 1

You will need the following:

A good screen recording tool/video editing tool to capture videos
– I recommend for windows users
OR a lot of the time you can use a video striper to download the video, like orbit or

You need a free website account – this is where you will direct traffic from YouTube to. I will discuss in more detail further down.

Create an account – this will give you the link that your traffic will click on and as a result of this you will get paid from If you haven’t used before basically you need to just sign up for free and then once you have an account you can use the link shortening service in your control panel to generate your link that will pay you the money when people click on it:)

Step 2

OK now that you have downloaded or screen recorded your selected video you need to open up a video editor to make some adjustments to it.

I recommend the free windows movie maker or you can use the Youtube video editor(if you are going to use the Youtube editor then make sure to set the Video Privacy to “UNLISTED” for your video so that it can’t be viewed until you have completed the editing!

IMPORTANT: when you edit the video you want to run it and then pause the video at the moment the video starts to get exciting or just before the climax.

At this point you want to split/cut the video and delete the second part. Then insert a title that says something like ” See the rest of this video at:[Your website] OR See the rest of video at the website below”.

Make sure to choose a background color that pops out like white text on black or white on red. You will want to add an effect to it (like a fade in, or zoom in) Do not add any transitions that that may take them away from the call to action because you want them to read it and follow the instructions…
PRO TIP: Take a snap shot of the final frame in the video with the call to action and then take that image and add it to the end of your video, extending the time of that final call to action frame by at least 10 seconds…this way people will not miss it and you will get more people actually following your instruction and clicking through.

OK your video should be ready for upload to Youtube but before you make it viewable to the public you will need to get your link and determine some of the key words to add in your description, and tags…we will cover this this in a STEP 5.

Once you upload in your title you need to put something that really grabs attention and factors in a keyword or 2 that you got form your keyword tool. Example: [MUST WATCH] Selena Gomez Says Yes To Going Topless. Just don’t make it too spammy-looking or too long.

Step 3

Now you need to create your free website! You need to find a subdomain So go to its totally free and there are no forced banner ads placed on your site. which is great as well.

Make sure to pick a domain name that again,(you guessed it! matches one or two keywords in your niche from your keywords search tools) – Make sure to do a niche name not a topic name of one of your videos. This will come later when you create the page in your website.

Now once you have an account created and your domain name selected you then need to login to your control panel and pick the Zacky installer and then select build Word Press site.

This will build automatically for you and you will be asked which template to pick. Go for the responsive one as it will adapt to mobile phones, etc better.

Step 4

Ok now that you’ve created your site you need to login to the back-end CMS of your website and create a page for the second part of your video that people are going to want to watch. You will receive an email from with the login details you need to access the CMS.

If you need help navigating your way around the CMS there are some video tutorials you can follow here.

Once you have a grasp on how to use the CMS or already know how to then do the following:

You will need to create 2 pages. The first one will need an image of your video that you can get be taking a snapshot of your video or downloading from google. Before you upload this image to your page you need to edit it in your MS Paint to make it look like their is a PLAY button on the image.

PRO TIP: when in MS Paint click on shapes and select the triangle and draw one in the center of the image. Then click the rotate button and click on fill selecting natural pencil or watercolor options to fade the triangle. Done! Now upload to your webpage!

Once you’ve uploaded to the webpage you need to add a hyperlink to the image that will take your visitors from this page to the 2nd page that you will be creating, via! Make sure that this page has a title on it that matches a couple of the keywords you’ve identified. (Example:  Selena

Gomez Says Yes To Going Topless) and the URL also has the same. Finally under your image that you have placed and centered on the page you need to type a nice little description of the video(it can match the one on YouTube.) Again having some of the keywords you have identified.

The second page you create will have the actual video on it and appear identical to the first page the title of the page will be slightly different of course and the name of the URL does not need to be optimized with key words as you do not really want anyone to find it unless they click through to it on your first page.

To place the video on this page(where the image was on the first page) first upload the second half of the video to YouTube and make it private so that it cannot be found in their search engine.

Then get the web page embed code of this video and paste it into your 2nd website page. Presto you now have the final video ready for viewing!

Step 5

Finally go back to your first video that you uploaded to Youtube and add in the URL of your first page at the top of the description. Type in the words. “Click Here:” and then paste in the full URL including the https:// bit.

Now go to the tags section and add in loads of keywords that again you got from both keyword tools.

Even the unrelated ones! This will ensure that you maximize your coverage!


If your video was one of the first uploaded about the topic, be ready to cashout because you will be getting LOTS of clicks from this. Use multiple stories, and you can be earning A TON!

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