Magic Mesh Review

Installing a brand new screen door anywhere is fast, easy and affordable with Magic Mesh. This innovative screen door can be installed in seconds and provides a season of fresh air and energy-saving ventilation. Because it’s made with two rows of strategically placed magnets, both panels of the Magic Mesh instant screen door close automatically after pets or people walk through.

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magic mesh review


  • Easy to install
  • Keeps out bugs and flying insects
  • Fits most standard doors
  • Great for pets and kids
  • Closes by itself


  • Panels must be aligned
  • Velcro may require reinforcement

What is Magic Mesh?

Used throughout Europe, lightweight insect curtains are an affordable and practical way to let in fresh air and keep the bugs out without purchasing, installing and hanging a traditional screen door or storm door.

This modern screen door system can be installed in virtually any location. Magic Mesh instant screen door is ideal for sliding patio doors, apartments, condos, cabins, summer homes, chalets in wooded areas, and RVs with small or unusually shaped doors.

When the weather’s great, everyone loves to open the windows and enjoy the warm, fresh air. Now, anyone can let in the great outdoors without letting in the bugs. This smart two-panel curtain system fits single-width doors and wider sliding doors that connect to patios, decks, pools and outdoor living areas.

Installing Magic Mesh magnetic screen door is a surefire way to keep out bugs and flying insects. Wasps can cause life-threatening allergies and mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases. Today, there’s a practical way to keep these irritating insects where they belong.

Product Features

This innovative screen door system automatically closes behind pets and people after they walk through the door, and it opens with a gentle push. Each Magic Mesh kit includes two panels measuring approximately 83 inches long and 19.5 inches wide.

This one-size-fits-all screen door works with standard entryways up to 39 inches wide. Most single-width doors measure approximately 30 to 32 inches wide, so there’s plenty of leeway to accommodate larger doors as well.

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Magnetism is the secret to the door’s magic ability to snap shut. This ingenious screen door features 18 magnets placed along the edges of the screen panels. The Magic Mesh screen shuts by itself using silent magnetic power to eliminate the sound of slamming wooden-frame screen doors.

When it’s warm, Magic Mesh lets in fresh air and keeps out the bugs. At the end of the season, the door can be taken down and folded away for easy storage until next year.

How it’s Used

This smart screen door is great for kids, and it’s so easy to use pets can master the system too. The only difference is that Magic Mesh is easier and much more affordable than installing a traditional pet door.

This lightweight, flexible screen door is ideal for small and large pets. It might take dogs a few attempts to get used to the idea, and cats may prefer that a little space is left open near the bottom. However, pets generally love the freedom to travel in and out as they please, and pet owners love not getting up and down to let their pets in and out all day and night.

magic mesh

Designed for hands-free operation, this lightweight insect curtain opens easily and shuts by itself. Hosts and hostesses can easily open the door while carrying drinks, snacks and an armful of party foods.

With this easy-to-open, self-closing screen door, there’s no need to assume precarious positions to open door latches with an elbow, and it makes sure that doors aren’t left gaping open after the kids go outside.

Traditional screen doors are also susceptible to damage. Children and pets are known to comically tear through screen doors without regard. With this flexible screen door, pets and kids can burst in and out without damaging traditional screen doors, which are costly to repair and replace.

This instant screen door is easy to install and just as easy to remove. RV owners love that the screen door can be put up in seconds and taken down when they’re ready to hit the road.

The flexible, small-gauge mesh can be rolled or folded for storage in RVs, apartments and compact living spaces. With this instant screen door, anyone can enjoy fresh air and lower energy costs without making permanent changes to their home.

Installation Tips

The Magic Mesh instant screen door can be installed on virtually any surface. Each kit includes adhesive Velcro strips and heavy-duty push pins, so the door can be installed without any nails, tools or permanent hardware.

Velcro is ideal for installing an instant screen door on an RV or a home clad in vinyl or aluminum siding. For best results, these non-porous surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly with an alcohol swab to remove all surface dirt and ensure the strips adhere well. This instant screen door can also be installed on wooden door frames using the included push pins.

To ensure the magnets function properly and the door closes automatically, both panels must be aligned properly during installation. For easier installation, use a yardstick or level and appropriate marking tools to establish where the top of the panels need to be. Having a second person keep the magnetic strips aligned will make the installation process easier and ensure the panels snap shut quickly when the job is done.

A small group of consumers had problems with the provided Velcro strips adhering to the doorway. If the included push pins cannot be used, consumers may need to purchase a package of secondary Velcro strips to ensure the mesh door is attached securely.

The Magic Mesh instant screen door is an As Seen on TV product available exclusively through Telebrands and the manufacturer’s website.Buyers can outfit their home or camper with a new screen door that attaches in seconds, opens easily and closes automatically.

Visit the company’s website to take advantage of their buy-one, get-one offer. Every Magic Mesh screen comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that makes this affordable screen door alternative a smart buy.

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