10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Site

Owners of ecommerce websites are always looking for ways to increase the conversion rate of their site. Conversions mean sales, and sales mean money. If you are new into the ecommerce industry, and have just started your very first ecommerce venture, then it’s obvious that you will not get many conversions or sales at the beginning, but you can learn some strategies that can gradually help you increase your online store’s sales. Here are ten ways you can improve conversion rates of your ecommerce website:

Increase Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Site

  1. Provide customer reviews of your products on your landing and home pages. Testimonials are some of the most powerful tools you can use to increase conversions. WikiJob saw a 34 percent hike in conversions, and voices.com experienced a 400 percent increase by adding proof and testimonials to their sites.
  2. Offer interactive chat. Intuit saw a 211 percent boost in conversions after they offered live chat.
  3. Use red for you call to action buttons and links. Although blue is the preferred color, studies show red produces more clicks.
  4. Ice.com saw a 400 percent increase in conversion rates when they included video on their product pages. You don’t need long ones, a minute or less gives the best results. Demonstration videos seem to help increase conversions as well as real people giving testimonials about how your products have helped them. Another jewelry site saw a boost of 247 percent when they included videos.
  5. Make your sign up forms pop ups. This keeps your visitors on the same page and makes it very easy for them to fill out the forms. Keep the information you collect to the minimum. Only ask for what you need and make some fields optional.
  6. Make sure the content on your landing pages is clean and to the point. AssessmentDay cleaned up the content on their landing pages and saw a 62 percent boost in sales. Don’t cut too much, you still need to give your customers enough information to make the sale, but get rid of the fluff and make sure every word counts.
  7. Your call to actions should be direct and clear. Don’t mince words, tell your customers what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it. Also place a call to action in your content.
  8. Keep your checkout process to one page and offer next day shipping or free shipping after a specified dollar amount of purchases. After offering next day shipping SmileCookie experienced a 41 percent increase in sales.
  9. Leave the stock photos alone and use pictures of real people on your landing pages and site. People relate better to real people than to models and stock photos. Use the best quality photos you can.
  10. Be sure your customers can contact you. Have a phone number, email address, and contact form on your site. This lets customers know they can reach you with any questions or concerns. If customers do contact you make every effort to get back to them within 24 hours.

If you follow these ten tips, your conversion rates will rise. Sometimes you need to look at your entire ecommerce site to make sure it is easy to use, your call to actions are clear, and your product pages are attractive. By looking at your ecommerce site through your customer’s eyes you can see what will work and what you need to replace.

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