I’m Not Making Any Money Out of My Blog – Why ?

If you have just started a new blog and haven’t yet made a single penny out of it, then I think you are certainly wondering about that meanwhile. The blogosphere is getting crowded day by day, and new bloggers are being born every day. So, the competition is getting too wild and making money blogging has now become a harder task than ever before. If you have been struggling to make some money out of your blog but are not being able to generate some revenue from your blog, then there may be some possible reasons which are stopping you from earning money from your blog.

make money from blog

When I was a newbie, I used to struggle a lot just even make out a single dollar from my blog each month, and the same scenario went on until about the 6th month of my blogging career. Then, I gradually started making money from my blog and then I got to know about why I wasn’t really making money with my blog initially during its startup. So, if you are also one of those people who is not making money from his or her blog, then here are some of the possible reasons why is it happening and how can you turn your sweet blog into a money making machine instantly :


(1) Damn it, that’s a very competitive niche: As I’ve already mentioned earlier, the world of blogging is become too crowded and new logs are being born almost every day. So, it’s obvious that most of the demanded niches are being covered up exhaustibly. For example, the arena of tech blogs is very competitive these days because the number of such blogs are large now a days, and you may that’s why find it very difficult to get ranked higher on the search engines and accordingly won’t be able to grab much traffic. No traffic equals to no money. So, choose out a low competitive niche for your blog in order to get more traffic to it without much effort but if you think you can really drive a hard race with your opponents, you can also go for a highly crowded niche, but that will require a lot of efforts.

(2) Don’t bow down besides the king only, go beyond content: Most of the pro bloggers says “Content is king” but that’s not all, you should also go beyond it and perform a few other strategies to make your blog successful. You will need to concentrate on search engine optimization or SEO to get higher rankings for your blog on the search engines such as Google, Bing etc. as well as focus on its promotion. You can easily promote or market your blog by doing guest posting on other blogs of the same niche, commenting as well as make use of paid advertising. After that, you will surely start getting some traffic as well as a few targeted readers which will ultimately allow you to make some bucks out of your blog.

(3) Reward your readers and grab some money in return: Are you blogging for making some money only ? If yes, then stop there right now and listen what I will be advising right now very carefully. You will never be able to make money from your blog until you shall be satisfying your readers and reward them with your articles. So wake up today, write what your readers would love to read, solve their problems, and help them from all the ways around. By doing so, you will certainly start building a strong base of readers as well as some regular visitors who will as a result let you earn big bucks with your blog.

(4) I’m wondering, how should I exactly make money with my blog: Yes, it’s the most interesting part if you are intending to generate income from your blog. How should you really monetize it in order to grab some paper notes which are also know as money? Choosing the right monetization tool and applying it on your blog, matters a lot and decides about how much money you will ultimately be able to make out from your blog. Well, it depends on your blog and which type of traffic are you getting. If you are getting most of your traffic from search engines who are looking out for different topics on your blog, then you must go for Google AdSense or if they are trying to find information about a particular product, then just give affiliate marketing a shot. In the same way, you can decide which monetization method you should go for depending on the kind of traffic you are getting and make the most out of your blog.

Okay, I’m done now. I’ve listed above all the possible reasons which might have been stopping you to earn money from your blog and accordingly, you can fix them up or improve them to get more traffic to your blog and make huge money from your blog. Share your views and experience regarding the same?

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