How to Verify Your Paypal Account without Even Having a Credit Card ?

The internet is no longer a way to get knowledge or fun only. It has become marketplace where you can buy and sell products and services. When it comes to accept or send money over Internet, then Paypal is the name that shines from the crowd. Paypal is the no.1 online payment processing system providing you a quick, easy and safe way for your online transactions. Signing up for Paypal is a simple thing to do but Paypal does not have any value for you if your account is not verified. Without verifying your Paypal account, you can’t send or receive money. In such case Paypal is just a scrap service for you. Is not it ?

You can verify your Paypal account by using your credit card. But here the problem starts. Many people either don’t have credit card with them or they are worried about the security concerns. Well, there is nothing to be worried about the security of your CC details but there is not any remedy for valetudinarianism. Is there any? No problem! If you don’t want to use your CC or don’t have it for verifying your Paypal account, then you can use the alternative methods. Here they are.

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How to Verify Your Paypal Account without Even Having a Credit Card

Use Bank Account 

This is the best alternative and free as well, to verify your Paypal account. To proceed with this method, you need to provide your bank details in Paypal. Then, they will make transactions of small amounts to your bank account which you will get within 5 working days. You just need to check the amounts transacted to your bank  account and then to enter it on Paypal verification page. That’s all, you are done, your Paypal account will now be turned into verified.


Use Virtual Credit Card

Virtual credit card works like a real credit card, but without reveling your credit card details. There are many services which provide virtual credit cards. This method of verification is not free as you will get charged for virtual credit card. After getting the virtual credit card, you need to provide its details on Paypal verification page. In your virtual credit card statement, you can find some ‘Code’ in the transaction history. Just provide this code on Paypal verification page. Your Paypal account will now get verified instantly.

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