How to Really Make Money Blogging ?

Blogging is touching a new height day by day. It’s no longer a fun or hobby only. People have started making money from it. If you are thinking to start a blog or have just stepped into blogging, then you might be wondering that how do the blogs make money. Let’s take off the curtains from this puzzling question. Here’s the list of best methods to make money blogging.

Make Money Blogging

Show Ads on Blog

The best way to earn money from blogging is by displaying ads. There are many services that show the ads on your blog and share revenue with you. You are just required to sign up on such sites and all other work is managed by them. Google Adsense stands at the top in this list. You can make decent money from each click made on ads getting displayed on your blog. But don’t ever think to become rich overnight by clicking on your own ads or asking others to do so as Google is very strict with these kinda activities and if you perform such smart moves, then ‘Banned Adsense” is the only gift that Google will give you.


Offer Your Services 

If you are good in any particular field like SEO, Blog Setup etc. then you can offer your talent to your blog’s visitors and can charge them for your services. In fact, make money blogging by offering services is catching trend now and the results are also quite impressive so far. The best part is that by offering your services, the amount of money you can make is solely dependent on you. Better your work is, more will be your clients and hence more money will flow to your pocket.


You can review the products/services and can earn a handsome amount for doing so. Nowadays, as the blogs are getting popular, many advertisers approach the blog owners to get their product/service reviewed and also offer good amount for doing so.


Selling Sponsored Links

Personally I hate this method as it can land your blog into troubles and permanent ban in Google. This method should be used in limit as selling too many links to other blogs or websites is like a direct call to problems.

Blogging has huge potential to make you rich. Patience is required for your blogs to make money for you. If you can’t wait for the money to come in, then Blogging is not for you.

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