How To Make Money Writing Poetry

Great poets of the past continue to enjoy the fame and glory heaped upon them by people all over. But not all of them got to enjoy the spoils of their talent and work. There are even wonderful poems whose poets remain unknown.

While the best contemporary poets may also enjoy the fame and glory of those that went before them, nowadays they get to enjoy something more than that – money. If you’re a poet yourself, yes you can make money writing poetry.

There are many who do not yet know how to make money writing poetry, and for those who actually know how to write poems but do not get anything from it are missing out on the opportunity. If making poems is your passion, you can put this passion to good use by making money from your literary creations.

When was the last time you saw a greeting card?


More often than not, these greeting cards have short poems written on it. Now imagine your own poem written on those greeting cards. Yes, that can happen and that is how you can make money writing poetry.

The simplest way to make money writing poetry is to go to a card store and find out who supplies them with the cards. List all the card manufacturers you can find and do online research about them to find out if they accept freelance writers to contribute to their collection of poems and rhymes.

When you get a hold of any of these companies, they will normally ask for specific ideas or themes, and may require you to send them ideas in batches. Start accumulating a good number of poems first before you submit them.

If you have old poems stashed away somewhere in your room, dig them out and select ones that you can use. You might need to give them a tweaking to make them timely and in tune to the selected themes. Make sure, however, that you have reviewed them for misspells and that they are pieces that you are proud of before sending them to card companies.

Another way to earn money writing poetry is to join Triond online for free. Visit Triond and find out how you can join them. The best thing about this site is that it is free to join and allows amateur poets to submit their work.

Start submitting your poems and when Triond puts it out, they will place advertisements on that page. You don’t have to worry as these ads are primarily space savers so you are assured that your poem gets the readers’ attention first.

Try to network the site through your social networking accounts like Facebook or MySpace to get your friends to see your poems. You can also join online sites for poets where you can share your link with other members. This will drive more traffic to the site, giving you more chances to make money.

You can even enhance your poem by placing an accompanying photo, giving it more visual appeal. Check out Triond’s guidelines on how you can add photos to your poem. Think creative and choose a picture that paints the theme or message of your poem.

While you wait for Triond’s confirmation that your poem has been published, start wording your next poem so you can submit another round. If a lot of people like your creations, they may drive those in their networks to see your poems as well. They may even turn into fans or followers, visiting your site often to check out your next poem or latest work.

When you see that you have built quite a number of loyal readers, why not explore publishing your creations in print? You can include in your collection the poems that you did not send out. You can also use your published works in Triond as you still have the rights to them.

When you have compiled your best work in a book, you can start marketing it through Etsy or advertise it in your website if you have one, or in your pages in social networking sites.

Other than Triond, you can also submit poems to AC, which is also one good site that pays you from $3 to $20 upfront for every poem that you submit to them for publication.

Just one thing – they need poems that have not been published elsewhere. So unlike in Triond where you have the right to use your poem, you cannot use the poems you submitted to AC should you decide to come out with your own poetry book.

Yet another option to make money with your poetry is to register in blog hosting sites such as blogspot, wordpress, or blogger, and create a blog to post your poems to. If you have enough poems to categorize, group them according to themes. This way readers will spot which set they like to read. There will be people who avoid melancholic poems while others prefer joyful tones, so try to vary your poems to satisfy more people.

To start monetizing your sites, register with Google Adsense and Adster programs so they can place text advertisements on your blog. When people who visit your blog and click on these ads, you get paid for it. You see, there are many ways you can make money writing poetry. Now it all boils down to how good you are at it and giving it a shot!

Are you making money writing poetry or thinking about doing so? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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