How To Make Money With Craigslist

Craigslist is touted to be one of the best ways to make money online, and that is because it has such a huge centralized network, it gives you an excellent platform to make money in so many ways.

With over one million jobs listed on Craigslist every month, anyone looking for a way to make an income will certainly find something on this free classifieds and online forum community. Craigslist holds millions of classified ads, such as full-time or part-time jobs, permanent or temporary jobs, one-time engagements, you name it, Craigslist has it.

Its page views every month is reportedly a staggering 20 billion, with about 50 million new classified ads every month. It’s almost impossible for you not to find work on Craigslist with that number of jobs posted on its site. But if you’re not looking for an office job, Craigslist also has other income-paying jobs for freelance writers, babysitters, web designers, dog walkers, computer technicians, auto repairman, and a host of other gigs.

When you search Craigslist for a job, type in relevant search phrases, those that best describe the job you are looking for. Use the section for jobs offered in your area to narrow down the results. When Craigslist gives you the results, zero in on those that are closest to your preferred jobs and don’t waste time browsing others that are irrelevant to your search. You can apply for as many jobs as you want, giving you more chances of landing one.

Craigslist offers you a relevant classified ads website because they manage their site following a strict set of rules; any spam ads posted by a user are easily found and deleted. It also lets its users post ads in several cities and even countries and they don’t pay anything for it.

Apart from job posts, Craigslist also have ads for selling products or services.  Why not take advantage of this free online service by advertising stuff you want to sell? You can clear your house, garage, shed, or storage area of any of unwanted possessions – as long as they are still usable and in good shape – by listing them on Craigslist for sale along with your contact details.  That’s quick profit plus the bonus of getting your house de-cluttered.

How To Make Money With Craigslist

If you’ve run out of personal items to sell, what about buying and reselling goods on Craigslist?  You can even find items for sale at very low prices, sometimes even for free, at the free section of Craigslist. You can expand your search by looking out for garage or yard sales, thrift stores, even eBay, for cheap items that you think will fetch you a profit when resold.

When looking for items to buy and resell on Craigslist, try to get the best deals by being an early bird, as Craigslist moves older listings either to the end page or totally takes it off the page to make place for new ones. With that in mind, as you will also be placing your own ads on Craigslist for your goods, you would need to refresh your listing by deleting your old ad, creating a new one, and relisting it on the ad page.

If you find there is value in buying and reselling goods, how about creating your own online store? Craigslist offers services that allow you to do your e-commerce by listing your items on their site and providing links to direct your customers to your website.

Do you have idle time on your hands? Hit up Craigslist and look for job offers that you can do on your free time, like walking a dog, babysitting for a few hours, doing errands for somebody, or giving companionship to an elderly person.

If you have artistic talents, advertise yourself on Craigslist. You can offer your services such as acting, singing, playing musical instruments, or even modeling. Include your asking price or talent fee and the specific details of what you are willing to do or give to your customers. Join forums in your area to let people know about your services and promote yourself. Wouldn’t it be fun to get paid for doing something that you enjoy?

If you have creative talents, advertising yourself on Craigslist will give you the opportunity to get clients and get paid for your services. If writing and editing are your forte, list your services for content work on Craigslist because there is a very good chance that people are looking for someone to edit their essays, create blog posts, write articles, and make technical content for one purpose or another.

If you do photography, video editing, web designs, database management consulting, and other similar kinds of work, you can find a wealth of clients – either individuals or businesses – on Craigslist willing to pay well for the kind of technical expertise you have.

Craigslist has job posts or paid gigs sections where you can find almost anything. Whether you offer your singing talent for other people’s party or special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, or you belong to a group of dancers who performs in events, advertising your services on Craigslist can help you make money.  It is where people turn to when they need a service or item or something they can’t immediately find on their own.

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