How to make money with ClickBank

Making money with ClickBank

As of now, ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate website on the internet, period. It was with ClickBank that I earned some my first money online, good times. If you are short on ideas of products to create or just don’t want to create your own products, then why not promote other peoples products and get a big share of the profit? With ClickBank you can for sure make money online if you just give it an honest try. If you do it right you might earn a lot of money.

Make money with Clickbank


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To make money with ClickBank you don’t have to be super good at Internet Marketing (even though it helps). ClickBank gives you the opportunity to start promoting other peoples products for free. Yes I said for free, you don’t really need a website and there is no fee to join or anything like that. ClickBank is also a great way to learn about affiliate marketing just because it’s free. You can try promoting several different products to find what niche works and which doesn’t. However I advise you to do some research of how ClickBank actually works and how to find profitable products first.

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When making money with ClickBank you need to know a few things. First of all, ClickBank is very close related with search engine optimization, meaning that in order to earn money you need to know how to rank well in search engines for specific keywords. Secondly, you should only try to sell things that people are actually buying, do some keyword researches and use your common sense. It’s a lot easier selling a product about making money online then it is to sell a product about learning French. Thirdly, repeat, repeat and repeat what you do if you find a way to make money with ClickBank because it could go months before you find a better way.

When you have signed up at ClickBank you get a lot of different products to promote (mostly eBooks and software). I’m not really going to go in to how to find the most profitable products, but I can give you some valuable tips, don’t got for the famous products that are already being promoted all over the web. You will need to find the new products that has yet not been promoted or released. There are some websites where you can find people that recruits affiliates for their products before they release them, by signing up to such a network you will get a great advantage.

Let’s say that you have selected a ClickBank product not to promote. You will get a “hoplink” as it’s called for that specific product. The hoplink is used to send your visitors to the products sales page where they can buy the product. Every time someone buys something though your link you will get a certain percentage of the profit straight in to your ClickBank account. It is a good idea to cloak your hoplinks with services such as This will ensure that your link does not look as suspicious and it will also prevent people from typing in the destination URL by hand, leaving you without profit.

ClickBank is all about pre-selling.

ClickBank is all about creating hype around your product. No one wants to buy something that looks boring and worthless; you will need to pre-sell the product before sending you visitor to the sales page. This can be done in several different ways, but the best and most common ways used by affiliate marketers all around the world is listed below.

There are different ways of pre-selling and you should really know about this since it might help you a lot. Many people just write an article saying how good the product is and that everyone should buy it and so on. However this is a very poorly working method. When pre-selling you do not want to come across as someone trying to sell a product, you want to sell a solution! Write an article about a common problem, and then at the end offer a solution to the problem (hence the product you’re promoting). This will for sure increase your sales a lot since people tend not to buy things from people that write plain promotional texts, because these texts are most often only a lie to make money.

When writing about a problem and then offering a solution you will be able to create a closer connection to your reader. And then when they see how the product helped you solve your problems they will be very tempted to buying it as well. You will also face less competition this way since most people write articles beginning with “a review of ProductName”, but your article will say “How I got rid of my eating disorder” for example, you get the point.

Promoting products for free.

These are some of the ways you can use to promote your products for free online. Keep in mind that free ways might not always be as effective.

  • Article marketing.
    Article marketing is a very well used way of doing affiliate marketing. Simply write articles with about 500-600 words and publish it to article directories like Ezinearticles and Goarticles . The more places you publish it to the more exposure you will get. Keep in mind that you might want to build some backlinks to your articles so that they rank better in the search engines.
  • Social media marketing.
    A relatively new way that works great if you are active in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and so on. To really be able to make money from this method you will most likely need a great deal of friends or followers that look up to you, you will also need to select good products that does not hurt your reputation. Promote them daily and you will see profit as time goes by.

Promoting products with a website.

If you have a website or knows how to set one up it will become a great advantage in your ClickBank career. This can be anything from a free blogger site to a paid WordPress site and so on. Having a top level domain name such as .com or .net will make your site look more trustworthy and it will increase your sales a bit.

  • Create a niche website.
    This is one of the most used ways to promote ClickBank items. Simply buy a domain name that contains your product name. Example: When you have done this you simply build the website and add a lot of content that is related to your product to get high search ranking for your keywords. This requires a lot of keyword research and backlink building as well, so if you don’t know how to optimize a website for search engines it might not be a good choice for you.
  • Publish on existing website.
    Do you already have a website receiving a decent amount of daily visitors? If so then that would be great. Now you do not have or do keyword research or anything like that, simply select a product that fits your website and that you think will be sellable to your visitors. Speak well of the products and remember what I said before about pre-selling (sell a solution).

Selling an eBook and capturing emails.

This is also a great way to make money online with ClickBank. If you know how to create an eBook and how to market it then you can make a lot of money with this method. Simply set up an auto responder (aweber is a good one) and tell everyone that they can get a free eBook on how to make money online for example. When they fill in their email to get their ebook you will be able to make money in two ways.

  1. You now have their email address which gives you the opportunity to send more emails to them containing other related ClickBank products.
  2. If you have written your eBook well they will first get some tips on how to make money online and then at the end of the eBook you will give a link to a ClickBank product saying that it helped you make a lot of money online etc (if your eBook is about making money online).

So you’re actually sending people to your pre-sales page (the eBook) and at the same time you’re building an email list for residual income, great huh! This method has been used by top earners and has also been mentioned by great online money makers such as John Chow and more.

Include your own bonuses.

A great way to maximize your earnings is to include your own bonuses (incentives) if they buy the product using your hoplink. For example you might say that if they but an eBook about dogs they will get a free eBook on something else about dogs as well. It’s an easy method, but it works great if you have something good to offer. You can also offer your service, for example if they buy a product about making money online you can offer your help to them if they used your hoplink.

Actually review the content you’re promoting.

I see a lot of people just writing reviews of products out there without having the slightest clue about that the product contains. If you want to be successful then ask the creator of the product for a review copy or something so you know how the product works or at least what it contains. This will help you write good and honest reviews that actually helps your readers.

Mention both pros and cons of the product.

I’m not sure if I have already mentioned this but it’s actually a great way to mention the disadvantages of a product as well as the advantages. A lot of people just find these supped positive reviews online, and in the end they understand that the reviews are plain bullsh*t. However, if you include what you disliked about the product, then the review will feel more real and the readers will trust you more. But don’t over-do it saying that the product is worthless, just give a small example of a negative thing that doesn’t really matter that much.

I hope this article was helpful to everyone trying to make money online with ClickBank. Everything written here is from my own experience. If you have ever tried to earn money with ClickBank then I would love to hear your successes and/or failures and how you do to make money with it. Also, if you have anything to add to my article or if you have any question(s) about it then feel free to ask!

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