How to Make Money Online as a Web Designer

The internet has given countless entrepreneurial professionals the opportunity to branch out their business opportunities and best of all have the flexibility to make money online while working from home. Do you dream of designing websites in your pajamas? Want a flexible schedule that will compatibly work with your creative bursts of energy and enthusiasm? Then making money as a web designer may be the perfect fit for you. Whether you are looking for a supplemental part-time gig, or full time work as a freelance web designer, here’s how to beat the odds and make this creative, thriving career work for you.

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Getting Started

make money as website designer

Web designers are making more money online than ever before. While ten years ago, there was fierce competition between designers (after all, the website wasn’t as common to have in the first place)now it’s a setback for any business not to have one. If you’re just in the planning stages of getting started as a freelance web designer, know these two things:

1) There are endless opportunities to work in your community and throughout the world at large, and
2) The smarter you market yourself as a creative professional, the more opportunities to make money will come your way.

First Things First

A corporate career isn’t for everyone which is one of the many reasons that being a web designer is such an exciting field to explore. Set your own hours, create a beautiful masterpiece of a website and get paid for it! Before you go any further, you should know it’s plenty of hard work, discipline and patience as well. Starting out, you’ll need to develop a “give my clients more than they’re paying for” mentality. Build up your clientele so that you have truthful testimonies to back up your work (and because your future career depends on solid word of mouth and recommendations).

Making Your Presence as a Web Designer Known

The best example you can show off when demonstrating your talent is a beautiful, professional and creative website of your own. This kills two birds with one stone, as you’ll need a website to advertise your business and it allows you to show potential clients what you’re made of. It also helps to volunteer building a website for others in the community. Don’t think of this as ‘free work’ but ‘profitable work that will pay off in the future’. If you’re starting from scratch as a web designer, the passion and enjoyment you have for your craft will far outweigh the amount of time you spent working for free.

Understanding the Web Design Business

Learn as much as you can about web design, and just as importantly, what it means to be a professional web designer. Will your niche focus on small businesses, nonprofit organizations or large companies? Whatever you niche is will determine how you market yourself, so act wisely. In order to stand out from your competition, know who your audience is and know them well. What appeals to them? Can you determine common themes in nonprofit websites and what unique design style you can contribute that will make their website stand out even more in the community? Research far above and beyond what you think is necessary and you’ll race ahead to the finish line every time.

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